Essay on positive and negative impact of drugs

Free 516 words Essay on positive and negative impact of drugs for school and college student.

The Drug is a synthetic substance produced especially to enhance the capabilities of an individual if used in moderate quantity. Often, it is taken as a negative pill but believes us; inhaling drugs can have positive impacts on human life too.

Essay on positive and negative impact of drugs

Let us look at the positive impact that the drugs has on an individual:

On sportsperson career

There are certain fields like sports that offer multiple benefits of consuming drugs. For example, Bodybuilders, athletes, sportsperson, and much more, who consume anabolic steroids in order to strengthen their muscular mass, reduce body fatigue and improve sports performance. Inhaling, smoking, or taking drugs or we should rather call it performance enhancing drugs, make an athlete stronger, sharper, aggressive, and more active while playing on the field.

Such drugs improve stamina, provided an athlete consumes it in the quantity that is legible from a sportsperson’s point of view.

Every match or competition set certain standards for athletes that restrict them from taking heavy doses of drugs.

Positive impact of drugs on a person-in-general

  • Increases muscle strength, muscle mass
  • Weight gain, in the case of people, looking forward to gaining weight.
  • Increases body strength.
  • Increases alertness.
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Increases aggressive sportsmanship.


Let us now talk about the negative impact that the drugs has on an individual:

Addiction is the first and the most important point worth considering while studying the impact of consuming drugs. Most of the Drugs are designed to generate dependencies.

Drugs basically are known for bad effects that it brings on the individual consuming it. Some countries like India have banned the consumption of drugs in the country whereas there are countries that still consider it legal on medical grounds.

Caffeine is a dangerous drug that is mostly found in coffee and soda like substances. It is a dependency generating drug that makes people addictive to it. In advantages, we studied, consuming drugs build muscles, body stamina, and much more but its harmful effects are uncountable. Addiction being on the top of all negative impacts.


  • Some people take drugs to enhance their normal body activities. Such kind of acts is against the rules and regulations of a genuine sportsmanship.

High cases of injected drugs to animals have been registered in many countries. In zoos, most of us have seen that even the wildest of all animals behave in a friendly way. They are given steroid to keep calm. Such an act is against the human laws of taking care of wild animals in a zoo.


  • There are some drugs that are prepared using synthetic chemicals which are not fit for the human body consumption.

Such kind of synthetic chemical injection can affect human body to a considerable level. The Human body may not accept foreign substances and may act differently.

Wrapping Up

Winning is a part of human nature and consuming drugs to stay active and alert, all the time is no more a banned act. Just take care to consume it in moderation, so as to avoid its ill-effects.


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