Essay on positive and negative impact of e-commerce on society

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E-commerce is one amongst the fastest growing technologies in the online marketplace today. People these days are very busy and find least time to buy or do shopping of their daily needs and requirements. E-commerce sites for such kind of people are a blessing of science and technology that has given a comfort in shopping while sitting at home. Nor even the small business owners prefer to go online and create their e-commerce site in order to succeed in the Industry.

impact of e-commerce on society

Developing E-commerce sites have become a necessity and big thanks to the developers of the team who put their efforts to make it a possibility. Of course, how can we forget its impact on the society we are living in? E-commerce has left both the positive and the negative impacts on the society.
Let us discuss both of them in details:

E-commerce sites are a revolutionary move taken by the developers that have changed the perception of online buyers and sellers to a great extent.

Positive Impact of E-commerce sites on society

  • The first and the most important point considering here is that e-commerce sites have made direct marketing, a possibility. A society and people living under it, can now understand products and services of a company in a better way.
  • Multiple sales channels for buying or selling any product or service effectively. Now customers can directly see the product, they want to buy or sell and save their valuable time and money by comparing products and services offered through different channels.
  • Electronic buying and selling of goods and services have made society and the nation, a modern one.
  • Saved time can be used in interacting with people connected through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Improved Customer service allows customers to share their credentials without any hassle. This information can later be used at the time of promoting upcoming offers or sending gifts on occasion.
  • Ecommerce sites build trust and a sense of responsibility. Creates a brand image that people can easily recognize.
  • Customization of products is easy when it comes to presenting any product or service according to the need and requirements of the customers.
  • When buying or selling any product or service from retail outlets, it is quite difficult to make changes in the order, once it is placed. But in the case of e-commerce sites, the case is totally different.

Negative Impact of E-commerce sites on society

  • When buying or selling any product or service through E-commerce sites, quality of the product cannot be guaranteed.
  • In the case of any human errors, while placing orders, money loss may occur.
  • There are hackers who tend to find opportunities to steal your information from e-commerce sites and thus buying products and services from e-commerce service providers can be of a risk.

Every business, whether new or old has some advantages and some disadvantages. But for e-commerce sites, while considering positive impact on the society, its negative impact can be ignored.


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