Essay on Positive and Negative Impact of Hiking and Camping

Free 550 words essay on Positive and Negative Impact of Hiking and Camping for school and college students.

In the humdrum hectic day to life it is difficult to find time for ourselves.  Physical activities like hiking and camping help us unwind ourselves.  Our routine day hardly supports extra activities; therefore regular hiking and camping can keep us fit and fine.  It is rightly said that ’Sound mind and body breeds a fine human being’.

Free Essay on Positive and Negative Impact of Hiking and Camping

Let us see some of the positive and negative impacts of hiking and camping.

Positive impact of Hiking and camping:

It helps to keep our mind and body active. It helps in team building. Nature is the best healer. It helps rejuvenate our soul. The peace and tranquility of Nature soothes our mind. These activities brings like -minded people together.  It encourages feeling of camaraderie, sportsmanship and togetherness. It inculcates the habit of self service.  We learn to be self independent, do most of the things ourselves. Carry our own baggage, equipments and material needed for the hike/camp.

Encouragement of such activities leads to the overall development of children. Helps to understand and appreciate Mother Nature. If awareness is brought about among people regarding many good things we get from Nature, pollution, Global warming can be avoided. This world will be a much better place to live for everyone.

We get to see many species in their natural habitat. The freedom enjoyed by the fauna in their natural habitat shows their oneness with nature. It teaches us not to trap them in cages.

Nowadays most of our free time is spent in the company of electronic gadgets. Activities like hiking and camping reduces our time spent with a mobile, TV, laptop etc.  and thus helps utilize our time in a more effective manner. The more a person spends time with Nature, the more attuned they get with Nature and adapt an Environment friendly lifestyle.

Negative impact of Hiking and camping:

Normally hiking and camping activities are conducted in the mountainous regions away from the hustle bustle of city. Many urban dwellers are unaware of the harm caused to nature by their actions like littering, throwing plastic, Styrofoam materials etc. These items are harmful to the environment and will leave a long term negative impact on Nature. . Frequently used path develops tracks which affects vegetation in that area. Hikers should not disturb the natural habitat of those regions. Campers should not leave any trace in the area while moving camp from one place to the other.

In the midst of wilderness when we embark on a journey, utmost care should be taken to preserve the natural environment. Avoid loud music, and maintain harmony of Nature. Uncontrolled camp fire may lead to destruction of forest flora and Fauna. Sometimes there is unnecessary exploitation of Villagers and tribal community by campers/ hikers. There are instances of destruction of rare species of flora and fauna while conducting such activities. Hunting of animals and birds has led to extinction of many species. There are chances of unmanned historical monuments, caves and structures getting disfigured. Leftover food fed to wild life may affect their digestive system.

After analyzing all the pros and cons, we can always reach a conclusion that hiking and camping are definitely good activities if conducted in the right way, without disturbing the Environment and Mother Nature.


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