Essay on Positive and Negative impact of Media

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Media has changed the face of the world today. It made the world a very small place. The information reach to the public within seconds of happening of the event, all thanks to the broad outreach of media. There are so many avenues of media reach in present times be it Print media in the form of newspapers, magazines ,pamphlets etc or news channels ,radio channels covering each and every small or big event happening across the world or the social media in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, we are literally living in the media dominated world. It has become a way of life. Like everything else, there are Pros and Cons of media as well. Below are some insights on how media positively and negatively impact our lives:

Essay on Positive and Negative impact of Media

Positive impacts of Media:

  • Wide outreach: Media has a global presence. Its wide outreach makes the society much more aware and informed enabling people of making right choices with complete information availability.
  • The source of entertainment: It is common knowledge that our lives run around radio , television ,music, books, the internet and various other mass media channels. They are a great source of entertainment and recreation.
  • Creating awareness: Mass media in various forms is educating and making people aware of all the happenings around the world. Be it new government policy, political updates, sports, business avenues, or other provisions,media in its various forms is building a much more informed and educated society at large.
  • Revenue generation: Media is helping business by generating good revenues. Social media, mass media, and print media all have their huge fan following and viewership /readership, which is helping advertisers, TV channels and publications making money and in turn opening different job avenues for the people.
  • Accessibility: Media has made all the information accessible and readily available. Viewers can just log in to the internet or to social media websites for general or any specific information, easy communications or other such things. The Internet has become the biggest form of mass media in recent times.

Negative impacts of media:

  • Manipulation of information: The biggest drawback of media is the lack of authentic information at times. There is no definite way of checking the genuineness or completeness of the information and somewhere the final version is often manipulated which led to conflicts and biases.
  • Lack of focus: At items, just to sensitize the information for personal benefits, creates a lot of confusion and unnecessary or complete lack of focus on some piece of information. This might lead to chaos and wrong channeling of information.
  • Health hazards: Too much indulgence in the social media websites, constant use of networking sites and hours spending on internet surfing idly is proving to be a constant threat to the health. Problems like obesity, back pains, disturbed sleep and lack of focus and concentration are some major issues the society is dealing with.
  • Cyberbullying: With the ease of availability of the internet and other mass media forms including social media and the internet, there is a danger of bullying, cheating with an anonymous identity.


It is up to us as the society to not let the media overtake our lives in a negative way. It is a great tool that helps us stay connected, updated  and educated about the recent happenings in the world and it is in our best interests to use it wisely.

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