Essay on Positive and negative impact of technology on depression

Free 517 words Essay on Positive and negative impact of technology on depression for school and college students.

Depression in lay man’s language is a state of being sad and unhappy. Surprisingly, in today’s century when the science and technologies are developing at a faster rate, most of the people get the least time to enjoy and relax with their family members and kids. Such ignorance from family and society makes a person isolated and closer to the state of depression. 

essay on positive and negative impact of technology on depression

No doubt, the advent of science and technology has made human busy but has offered many comfort level as well.

Let us look at how technology impacts state of depression in a positive and a negative way:

Positive Impact of Technology on the state of depression

The Introduction of social media has taken a depressed person closer to his or friends and loved ones. 

Depression is a negative state of mind where a person who becomes a victim of this state tends to stay away from the people around him or her. Social Media is one of the best platforms for such a kind of people to connect with friends and their loved ones. There are many things happen in the life that can’t be shared with the person you live with. Your friends or well-wishers are the most appropriate destinations at that point of time. Become a member of social media group like Facebook, Twitter, etc, and show your friends your presence on the web.

Video games, is another gift of technology to the humans to get short-term relief from the state of depression. 

It is often seen that playing video games refreshes mood and takes you closer to your childhood days. If you feel depressed one fine day, you can try playing video games and see its magical effects in you.

Negative Impact of Technology on the state of depression

The Internet world takes a depressed person in the world of hallucinations.

The internet is an addiction. Once a depressed person gets addicted to reading journals, articles, blogs, and other things that are available on the internet, and then he or she tends to find the content engaging and matching similar state as theirs’. This gives rise of the birth of a hallucination world where a person starts dreaming on the contents he or she read throughout the day.

Modern Technology affects sleeping hours

Modern gadgets, smartphone, iPad, iPhone disrupts sleep. Artificial Back light that comes from the display screen affects our health and normal 8hours sleep. This exaggerates a person’s state that is already depressed and not able to sleep properly.

Technology has given comfort, saved time but increased depression.

Traditionally, a woman used to stay busy in doing household work but now-a-days technologies like Washing machines, dish washers, mixers and grinders have given them comfort, reduced working time, but a boost to the state of depression. Woman now-a-days find time to do meaningless stuff that wastes their time, money, and energy unnecessarily.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, technology impacts a depressed person in both positive and negative way. A smart and intelligent person always sees the positive side of it to take maximum advantages.


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