Essay on positive and negative impact of Tourism

Free 520 words Essay on Positive and negative impact of Tourism for school and college students.

Tourism is a kind of blessing especially for the rural and developing countries. It has many social and economical benefits as well. However excess of everything is bad and so is the mass tourism. It deeply affects the country’s economic and social growth.  Tourism impacts positively only when it is controlled and managed properly else it may have some negative effects.

Essay on positive and negative impact of Tourism

Let us have a look at the positive impact of Tourism

  1. The Impact of Tourism on Foreign exchange:Tourists Industry brings foreign currency into the country. Foreigner’s traveling to countries like India need to get their currency exchanged in order to travel and enjoy their vacations. For this, various vacancies are created to hire people who can assist them and provide every service starting from their pickup from the airport to the hotel and much more. Some of the vacancies are created for the local guides who can explain about any particular country to the people coming from foreign countries.


  1. Make people flexible. People who travel a lot are tolerant to a different culture, languages, and different behavior of the people. Wide Exposure to different locations helps them learn more about the country.


  1. Impact on the Society:Just imagine any visitor coming to your country and he/she leaves your country contended. Won’t you feel pride at that time? Definitely yes, the moment he or she starts praising you for the country you are living in, your sense of self-confidence increases.


  1. The Impact of Tourism on Environment:Tourism Industry provokes people of the country to preserve their nation for the tourists. They tend to preserve their nation’s heritage, forests, culture, individually, and much more.

Moving on to the Negative impact of Tourism:

  1. The Impact of Tourism on the Economy of the Country: In advantages, we talked about preserving the nation. That is true, but have you ever given it a thought to how the nation is preserved or made attractive for the foreigners?


Yes, by the tax, people of the country pay. Infrastructure needs to be remodeled from the ground level and for doing this; heavy taxes are levied on the general public to get expenses for the restructuring.  Tourism Industry is seasonal and tourists hardly visit any country in an off-season. So, the economy of that place suffers during that time.

  1. Pollute our social culture: Foreigners specially have a habit of consuming drug and alcohols. When such a kind of people travels in the country, localities get influenced and try to copy them.


  1. Impact on Environment: It is true that Tourism Industry preserves nature and tries to make everything look appealing for the visitors. But still, it causes considerable damages to the environment as well. Business owners tend to open their restaurants in the tourist’s sector and for this; they cut trees, hire residential area, and do much more things that harm the environment in one or the other way.


Wrapping up:

Concluding, tourism does both the positive and the negative impacts on the growth of the country but under controlled management; its benefits outshine its negativities.

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