Essay on positive and negative impact of tv on kids

Essay on positive and negative impact of tv on kids

TV has become more of a family member these days. Most of us can’t expect to spend a single day without television so how can we expect the opposite from our kids?

TV is one of the important creations of science and technology that has impacted our kids’ daily routine to a considerable level.

Essay on positive and negative impact of tv on kids

Although there are many positive impacts that TV has on kids but its negative impacts can’t be ignored.  Let us focus on both the positive and the negative impact of TV on kids:

Negative Impact of tv on kids:

  • Identity loss. The main problem with the kids is that they don’t have the ability to discriminate between what is good and what is bad for them so they end up taking hero of the show, their godman. They start trying to pose, eat, walk, and act like them, to be like them. This takes their individuality from them.


  • Reduces concentration at work. If your kid is doing his or her school work and it is the time to watch his or her favorite cartoon show, then you will observe a kind of lack of concentration and speed at work.


  • Becomes careless. Kids watch cartoon characters and get fully-involved with it. For example, if you are a mother giving your kid, milk or some snacks to eat, then there are high chances that he or she may ignore your offerings.


  • Schools exam marks suffer. If your kid is fond of watching TV then he or she may start skipping homework. Studies show that kids studying without watching TV are more serious and studious at their school work rather than those watching TV while doing the school Homework.


This doesn’t mean that we should stop allowing our kids to watch TV.  Watching TV has many positive impacts on your kids as well. Let us have a look at them one by one:

  • The main advantage or we say positive impact that the TV has on kids, is the type of information it provides in a very kids-friendly way. There are educational, devotional, news, and regional channels that generate awareness about his or her surroundings.


  • Kids catch visual information faster. This study has already been proved and many schools have started giving smart classes to the kids showing the visual representation of the chapters discussed in the class.


  • There are cartoon characters that educate moral science to your kid. Make sure he or she watches it carefully.


  • Just imagine what your child will do without TV when he or she has no other work to do. He or she would simply get bored and disturb you in your household works so it is better to let him or her watch TV for some time.

Television can be an ultimate source of education with entertainment if, watched in a controlled manner.  There are certain channels that your kids shouldn’t watch so it becomes your prime responsibility to lock such channels and protect your kids from accessing such channels without your permission.


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