Essay on Positive and negative impacts of construction

Free 500 words essay on Positive and negative impacts of construction for school and college students.

Construction basically refers to constructing new buildings, residential areas, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, and much more. It impacts growth of the nation in both positive and negative ways.

Essay on Positive and negative impacts of construction

Let us look at the Positive impact of construction

Positive Impact of Construction for a worker

  1. High-pay scale.

It is mostly seen that constructors are paid high as compared to other workers. Somehow, if you can become a union leader, you are the highest paid worker.

  1. Less working hours.

Most of the IT business sectors employed are committed to work for at least 8 hours in a day. But in construction sector, you are likely to get off earlier as compared to other office workers.

  1. No need to go formal.

In construction, you don’t have to actually dress up as a professional like a coat and suit. You can wear whatever you want and do your job comfortably.

Positive Impact on Surroundings

  1. Construction gives scope of new and attractive life for the people who are still dreaming of living in a home of their own.
  2. Shopping Malls gather several items like grocery, clothes, and many other daily needs items under a single roof. This saves time of the people who don’t have enough time to do shopping of their daily routine items.
  3. New office space renews office area, and converts your old office to a completely new look. New construction sites open more scope for business and helps in business growth as well.

Positive Impact on the country

  1. Brings tourism. New construction, new buildings, amazing offices, our national heritage are all part of construction. Constructing new building attracts tourism in the country and help in economic growth of the country.
  2. Social Improvement. Construction of new social communities gives isolated space for the social gatherings. This space allows people to connect, share their views and enjoy on occasional events as well.
  3. Regional benefits:Constructing temples, Gurudwaras, Mosques, and churches help people know more about different religions of the country. This helps parents to impart religion knowledge to their children from the initial stages of their life.


Negative Impact of Construction for a worker


  1. Wastes time.

No doubt, you go early home and spend time with your family and friends but this wastes almost half of your day that could have been used to do more work and earn more for the family and friends.


  1. Dangerous job.

Construction is a dangerous job and workers’ life is always at stake. Other jobs like IT, electronics, and Electrical, etc, assure life safety.

Impact on environment: Cutting of trees

Construction sites need clearing for trees, forest, and other occupied area in order to come up with the building of customers’ needs and requirements. This destructs many lives and affect environment as well.


Wrapping up

Constructing new building, companies, offices, etc is always for the betterment of the company. Considering its positive impacts, negatives’ can be ignored to help a nation progress in an effective manner.

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