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Old age homes are places which inhabit senior citizens in a positive environment, environment where people of old age feel comfortable to pursue their hobbies, share thoughts and ideas with like-minded people and enjoy similar ventures of interest. They are places where geriatric population resides to retire from hectic routine life in an environment where the ambience is peaceful, healthy and leisurely. It is home to extremely ill and outstandingly healthy, extraordinarily poor and fairly rich, unacceptable old peoples to lovable elders. Here resides, people of every genre, cast, creed, socio-economic belief, religious community, political belief, etc.

Free Essay on increasing old age homes


There has been a significant increase in the numbers of such Geriatric Homes all over the world. It has been noted that weakening relationships in families and lack of attachment between children and parents has been the reason for old people in families to move to old age homes. This can be attributed to the advent of Technology and Modernization. There has been weakening family bonds where senior citizens in families have been feeling neglected and unworthy in their family environment. Old age demands affection and the new generation has been becoming materialistic and their attitude towards family has been changing over time. Life expectancy has increased from 41 years in 1951 to 64 years today. This is an additional reason for increased number of old age homes. As the total population of senior citizens in a country increases, the number of old age homes have to multiply in order to accommodate the needies. A promising development is being noticed among seniors in modern times that their desires and dreams don’t come to an end with age, in fact this is the stage of life, their responsibility of rearing their children and family comes to an end and they begin dreaming for themselves. This further adds to the need of old age homes.


In many countries, there existed an intensely expanding problem of discarding the senior family members, when they no more play the role of a breadwinner for the family. This had soaked so much of attention by social groups that the Government in such countries had to come up with Law reforms in order to protect the dignity of these senior citizens of their country. The United States came up with The Social Security Act in 1935 itself, introducing Old Age Pensions and Old Age Assistance payments to low-income elderly. This was followed by enactment of programme of Medical Assistance for Aged introducing the concept of “medical indigency” whereby the elderly people who had exhausted their capacity to pay for their health care could receive help, irrespective of their socio-economic status. The Social Security Act was considered to be responsible for giving rise to the proprietary nursing home industry. In India, “The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill 2006” was passed imperative for adult children to look after their parents.


However, a section of the society does not look at old age homes with antagonism and resentment. It is taken similar to a young boy being sent to boarding for studies. Consequently, a significant number of people are opting to move out into a Retirement Retreat because of vigilant security, prompt medical facilities, club houses for entertainment and organised ventures of similar interest. The thought is to retire from hectic routine life and move to a more cheerful, peaceful and healthy environment. Many examples have been recorded where old people have taken the decision to live the rest of their life in an old age home in order to maintain independence and live life with like-minded people. Moreover it has been reported that sometimes children do feel the guilt of not taking care of their parents but those children have eventually found their parents in a better environment as it was extremely difficult for them to give time to their family with their hectic schedules to earn a living and also their thoughts and actions do not satisfy the old generation of their families.


Thus, the old age homes have been increasing in number globally but the reason is not always imposed. It has proved out to be a blessing for many senior citizens.


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