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Water is one of the natural resources which is, needless to say, is soon going to vanish from our Mother nature due to the lack of maintenance and more careless attitude. There is no doubt that people are coming up with new options to save water but it is equally true that there are so many people out here who hardly cares about  saving water in a right manner. With so many new technologies and better ideas coming up, if such options are not integrated on time, there is no denial of the fact that in coming year there will be water shortage at a large scale. Essay on Save Water

Water: A Natural Resource

When humans started realized the importance of water, it must be probably the time when they did not even know the real purpose of their existence. Water, air, and food are the basic necessities of human and if any of these gets off soon then there is no doubt that life of human will be challenging and quite impossible to live without it. That is why to save these resources from getting extinct is the first priority no matter how progress we become. It not only keeps us healthy and living but also let us survives in the good and bad times.

Importance That People Ignore:

Be it for animals, plants or any other living being, water is a basic resource that helps to keep the body functioning. By saving such natural resource we are not only helping our environment to stay balanced but also preserving human. It helps to reduce the energy which is required in creating and delivering it which somehow contributes to increasing pollution. It will eventually help to save and utilize the water for recreational purpose in the future. The fact is only 1% of the Earth is drinkable water and rests all is the salt water which our body doesn’t accept. Besides, we cannot wash with it to even use it for planting waters.

Water helps in many ways and serves different purposes. So make sure when you use it, it can serve multi purposes for you. Do not wait and do not make any kind of harsh decision of using it for wrong means. Save more water so that your future generation can help you in better ways. It is expected that in near future better options will come up so do not worry but till then try to maintain global warming by maintaining water.

Although there are different options and new strategies are being implemented in different countries, but if you don’t start with a small step from your home itself then you are probably you will have more problem in future to save water. There are so many options that you can actually start utilizing at your home. So what are you waiting for? Get inspired, check out some incredible ‘Save Water’ essay that will certainly help you understand the necessity of water in today’s time.  Small steps will help you make a bigger and better change.

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