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Post-independence India is seeing rapid industrialization and commercialization and almost all the sectors are seeing wonderful growth. Thanks to action plans of various governments which resulted in exemplary growth in various sectors like construction, agricultural, aviation, industrialization, manufacturing, and service. Government entities always love to launch lots of pet civil projects and one such project which was launched by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is ‘Smart City Project’. This world class urban renewal and retrofitting program by the Government of India was launched by the prime minister in the city of Pune flanked by several important dignitaries and ministries from various sectors. Even though this ambitious smart city project which was launched and kicked-off with much fanfare in the year 2015, officials those who were allotted the task of developing the selected cities are facing lots of hardships and troubles in implementing the plan. Smart city mission envisions the development of 100 cities in the country in a phased manner.

free essay on Smart City Project india essay

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But as of June 2016, only 90 cities are qualified for urban renewal. In this five-year program, all the Indian states and union territories are participating except West Bengal which is a community state. Indian Government has approved 98000 crores (The US $7.5 billion) for the development of 100 cities and also for the rejuvenation of 500 others. Both central and state government will be sharing equally and also will be raising money through equities and public offerings. Lot system was followed for selecting the cities and they were divided into five rounds and Hon. Minister Mr. Venkaiah Naidu chose these cities during the lot.


It is worth to note that each city will be headed by CEO who will monitor the implementation and submit the development report to the ministry. He will also shoulder various other roles and responsibility during the development stage and other stages till the project culminates as per expectation. When all the cities are given new lease of life they will brim with extreme beauty. The workers will install bright lights, make the city litter free, rejuvenate the abandoned park and open space, improve the present condition of the city and do other important tasks that are assigned by the implementers.

Even though completely revamping and improving 90 cities will be a mammoth and tough task the executive members, organizers and others will coordinate and do their level best to improve the present condition of the cities. Prime Minister is also carefully monitoring the developments and coordinating closely with the concerned chairperson and other executives including ministers. All the major cities in India will get a fantastic and new look within few years. Even though the initial phase of implementation is the bit slow the trend may change within few months since CEOs, executive committee members and other employees connected with this smart city project are working round the clock and planning their strategies wonderfully. If the smart city mission succeeds then Indian cities will look clean and tidy and also have lots of greenish pastures.


When all the cities get new identity then India will become very popular and many multinational companies will showcase interest to start their industries or enter into joint ventures with Indian companies.  Prime minister had one and only vision when he took an oath and that mission is making India richer. It is for sure that his ambitious plan will take shape quickly and culminate before the stipulated date. All the cities in India will have toilets, dustbins, eco-friendly parks, tech parks, LED lights; rich transport system, industrial and manufacturing corridors, power generation system and other such luxurious facilities. Considered as one of the most advanced mission in India the citizens can expect a lot from this smart city which will transform this country quickly. It is imperative to note that 97 cities have submitted their final proposals to the government and the activities will begin soon.

Places of worship, world heritage sites, ancient monuments, art galleries, museums and other such important tourist attractions will get new lease of life. A smart city is an urban development plan to integrate internet of things (IoT) technology. It will improve the efficiency of services quickly. The common man will be able to access the internet and other technological devices free of cost when the city gets rejuvenated. People living in India will get pure water, sanitation, and solid waste management when the cities become smart cities. Even safety and security of all the citizens will be taken care wonderfully when this mission successfully completes.

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