Influence of social media on students

Social media plays a major role in our lives today. Even the technologically illiterate part of the society wishes to be a part of this medium. We use this platform to share our personal moments with the world. Whether it is happiness, sadness or anger, we use the social media to let others know about it.

Are the social media creating a positive impact on people? There is absolutely no such thing in this world which influences all people positively. Social media also has both positive and negative impacts.

More than adults, the students utilize it nowadays. You can say that it is almost impossible to find a youngster without a social media account. Creating a social media page with the maximum number of friends and likes are important to them than scoring high marks in their education.

influence of social media on students

Do you think that the social media is not good for the students? To help you answer this question, let us consider some of the positive and negative influence of the social media on the students.

Positive Influence of Social Media

  • Social media helps all the students to keep in touch with their relatives and friends. They can also use this platform to conduct activities related to their education. With the help of social media, they can easily gain access to online information and also exchange their ideas with others easily.
  • Every student should be encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas to the world without any fear. This can be achieved with the help of social media. The students will come across a number of articles on the issues happening around the world through the social media. This will help them to develop their own insights on these issues. They will also get an opportunity to announce it to the world what they think of these world events.
  • Communication skill is very necessary to be successful in our life. Even if a student has a high caliber, he may not be good at this skill. By connecting with the friends across the globe, the social media help to enhance the communication skill of the students. Networking, which is equally important in this technologically advanced world also becomes easier with the help of this platform.
  • Not all students get the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world. The fear of embarrassment often stops them from participating in the various competitions. The social media is, hence, the best platform for a student to publish his skills. The appreciations he receives from these media will motivate him to stand before a real audience without any fear.

Negative Influence of Social Media

  • One of the major negative impacts of the social media is that the students often get obsessed with these websites. They become so involved with the virtual world that they tend to leave behind their social life. Instead of discussing their problems and happiness personally with their family and friends, they find it more important to share it in the social media.
  • Cyberbullying is one of the major mishaps that happen all around the world. Social media is the reason behind this crime. Students often fall victim to this crime which even causes the life some of them.
  • Social media, though is quite useful, it can also waste your time. Students have to learn to use their time for productive purposes rather than using it to share photos and videos with the people on the social media. Spending too much time on these websites can also deteriorate the health of the students. Some of them even develop problems like depression, suicidal tendencies. Hence, social media sometimes pose a threat to the life of youngsters.
  • Education is very important to achieve your dreams in life. Social media can be a distraction for the students, if not properly take care of. Thus, if a student spends more time on these websites, he may get deviated from his education. This will not be good for his future.
  • This platform usually influences students. The unfortunate thing is that all of these influences may not be positive. They will find a number of people via the social media who will encourage them to try the bad habits such as the use of alcohol, drugs, etc. Hence, the social media may affect the morality of the students.

However, you cannot eliminate social media completely from the life of the students. If utilized properly, the social media can be helpful to them in many ways. Though it has both positive and negative influences on the students, this is an important platform for them in the current technologically advanced world.

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