Essay on Technology and Modern Life and Impacts

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The plethora of technology boom is driving the world at lightning fast pace. The modern lifestyle is propelled and catapulted with the blazing technological advancements spreading its tentacles in almost every nuance of human lives. Wireless technology has completely owned the world and uses satellite communication to handle almost all ubiquitous devices. It is not just about networking, security system, healthcare, education system, and regular gadgets, but there has been a complete overhaul in technology such as augmented or virtual reality, hyperloop transportation system, wearable devices, and human colonization of planets have become talk of the globe. The world is already at the cusp of Fourth Industrial Revolution where Artificial Intelligence and cognitive or predictive big data analysis will define the next generation of workforce.

Free Essay on Technology and Modern Life

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Wearable technology has penetrated into normal lives and got integrated with clothes and other accessories. Bionic vision is like a wearable camera and communication device. Other devices such as enhanced hearing dynamic earpiece, vision impaired navigation, wearable translator, enhanced prosthesis, reproductive health monitor, superhuman exoskeletons, artificial kidney or pancreas, and UV expose monitor would be worn by human beings. The application of ultra-technology will accentuate the quality of human life to a level never seen before.

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Nikola Tesla had imagined an interconnected world, and the implementation of his ideas is taking shape through the Internet of Things is helping convert the earth into a huge brain. A NEST thermostat would monitor and schedule people’s programs to maximize comfort and efficiency. A digital heart sensor would monitor physiologic and behavior medical metrics. A Smart Belly Trash can collect data in real time to alert trash collectors when required to be emptied. It will help integrate smarty city infrastructure, enable machine-to-machine communication thus creating a revolution in lifestyle and entertainment. Automotive industry, agriculture, enterprise applications, retail, energy, robotics, etc. The global profit is in the tune of trillions and there will be over 200 billion connected communicable devices in the Internet of Things ecosystem.

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Virtual or augmented reality is immersing into a three-dimensional world generated by computer. It offers a real environment experience, personalized customer engagement, improves conversion rate, retention and recall, and saves time, money and resources. This world has scope in entertainment industry, games, 360-degree videos, educational content, e-commerce, and social lives. This groundbreaking technology can enhance digital marketing, mapping and geolocation, magnify educational resources, and churn better preparedness of military personnel. The evolution of brain-computer interface tremendous scope and potential which can transform lives.

Cloud computing is a technology that enables ubiquitous and convenient on-demand network to a shared pool of accessible resources. The idea is to ensure a rapid provisioning with minimal management effort or interaction with service provider. Since digital data exhaust has become a common phenomenon, this technology provides space for trillions of gigabytes of data generated each data. It ensures disaster recovery, cost savings, and centralized data management system. With excellent scalability, flexibility and data protection, it has become a backbone of computation today. On the same lines, Big Data handling and analysis has become inevitable. It has the potential to create innovative business models and services. Big Data analysis is helping government leaders, scientists, health officials, corporates, and education specialists. This consolidation and utilization of data is improving social, economic, and political intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence is the biggest technological disruptor the world is betting on. Software development teams are incorporating the AI functionality. AI supports Internet of Things and digital transformation initiatives. It improves worker performance, boosts decision making, optimizes productivity, enables predictive maintenance, and facilitates critical communication. AI and robotics is the catalyst of a new technological revolution, and is being vigorously adopted in banking, healthcare, and retail. It will enhance management of energy applications. The scale, scope, and complexity of AI is transforming the world in a way humankind has never experienced or fathomed before.

Virtual currencies have already shaken the banking and financial ecosystem and defied all skepticism. Bitcoin is a perfect manifestation of this international currency unregulated by banks. Digital payments can be made through it, transferring any amount from one person to another without the involvement of banks or government agencies. Now blockchain technology is the decentralized ledger of all the transactions across the peer-to-peer network. This is the technology through which participants are confirming transactions without the need of a central certifying authority. This cryptocurrency technology is completely changing the international monetary transfer and is increasingly getting global attention, recognition, and acceptance.

This is not the end, as certain futuristic technologies whose development is underway will startle the world. Designer antibiotics, ingestible robots, smart clothing, photonics in space, spintronics revolution, carbon-breathing batteries, super antivirals, nano feasibility, unhackable quantum internet, and many such unfathomable technological advancements are slated to arrive. This proves how humankind has crossed all thresholds and benchmarks of possibilities and extent.

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