Essay on Common Problems Faced by Teenagers

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Life takes an exciting turn with teenage. The excitement about new opportunities, making friends, learning how to drive, partying, and living like never before is a textbook definition of teenage. This phase is in the midst of childhood and maturity. The more enthusiastic and exhilarating it becomes for the teenagers, the greater troubles it causes for the parents or guardians. Teenagers aren’t small enough to be chided and controlled, nor are they mature enough to understand things on their own. This makes the whole scenario tricky and difficult to handle. Often teenage problems keep parents on the edge and anticipating all the time, this issue can never be resolved completely unless pure maturity sets it. The reason for the same is that no matter how much teenagers are being coached, rebuked or instructed, they often succumb to their instincts and make terrible mistakes. 

Free Essay on Teenagers Problems

There are a lot of “firsts” with teenagers and their screaming hormonal growth makes those firsts really difficult to handle or control. Appearance is the most predominant and visible change which makes them either too worried or too impassioned. It’s more rampant among girls because their figures are suddenly subject to more scrutiny and judgment from peers. Teenage girls are unbelievably conscious about their looks and presentation. Most of them either fall into depression if they’re not able to satisfy themselves with the demand of the fashion-savvy world. Social media and photo-sharing mania heighten this problem. Even boys who just start getting beard and a hoarse voice become too conscious and keep accentuating themselves to become more desirable and famous. This is the time when parents need to boost the self-esteem of their children and stop them from indulging in junk foods so that no additional effort is required in keeping that motivation going.

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Perhaps the second yet the biggest issue props up with education and studies. This hormonal breakout works the least effective when it comes to studies and often performance drops abysmally and unexpectedly. This lack of concentration emerges due to the divergence of efforts in other fields. Nevertheless, the necessity to stay on the top and be an excellent performer is never cliched. Teenagers who get diverted with multiple thoughts and activates often fail to streamline their energy into rote learning, affecting scores as well as confidence. This needs extra-parental guidance and counseling, who must be more supportive than remonstrating.

Dating is not an unexpected or incalculable problem because teenage is the point where boys and girls actually realize their gender differences. The attraction between opposite sexes develops at this age, and can there is a flow of sexual hormones in the body. This is the period of first crush or first date, and these days it has become socially essential to have a partner romantically engaged with. This period of delicate human emotions cannot be left to their discretion because although they are going by their genuine instincts, they’re simply oblivious to the consequences. Parents are the most apprehensive about this issue as it can lead to bigger issues of physical and mental consequences. Teenage pregnancy continues to haunt every parent. Such problems can be dealt with by strict guidance, free conversations with children, revealing information about worse natural consequences and how sex should be avoided, suggestions of precautions, etc.

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Bullying is another form of worry that teenagers have to grapple with sooner than later. Some children are simply adamant, ignorant and annoying. They often indulge in irresponsible behavior of bullying others who are subtle, naïve or gullible. Unfortunately, such temperament can have a detrimental effect on the overall personality of the bullied child. Any strange behavior that shows the hints of intimidation or fear must be immediately addressed before things go out of control. Increased advancement in social media penetration has given rise to cyber-bullying and that can be resolved by excessive Internet regulations and parental control.

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Teenage friendships are either exemplarily robust or too shaky. The relationships formed at this period often turn out to be too intense, emotionally dominating and psychologically influencing. Not all influences can be termed as good. Aggression and mood swings are common in teenage friendships as expectations may not always meet reality. Although friendship, compassion, interactions, and competitive environment bolsters social skills and engenders preparedness, some friendship might become too interfering or indulge. Anything that propagates negativity or lowers self-esteem must be rejected. Teenagers often face the issue of self-esteem when they don’t realize their caliber or potential and keep comparing themselves to others. Each human is special and has some innate skills. This needs to be comprehensively explained and ingrained in teenagers so that they inculcate decent behavior and competitive spirit. It’s not always good to idolize celebrities or stars.

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Peer pressure often takes the maximum toll on the lives of teenagers and this problem cannot be solved externally. It has to be handled through personal experiences. Parents need to help children with physical transformations and biological processes too which teenagers might be too shy to express. The factor of shyness must be completely eradicated because it can exacerbate problems as there is always a fear of substance abuse by teenagers. However, before such problems blow out of proportions, certain fundamentals must be put in place.

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