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The words of Martin Luther King still echo in the mind of every American till now, and it seems to have engraved for infinite years to come. However, the notion of The American Dream is something more recent and works on building America great. The American Dream has a clear and simple goal of freedom, content, success, mobility, and other worldly amenities to every individual of America so that they can prosper. Devoid of any caste or color, race or religion, economic prowess, and any known biases, The American Dream is what every American individual abides by. Mentioned in the Declaration of Independence it states that all men are born equally where one can pursue life, happiness, and prosperity on their own merits and freedom.

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The actual dream

There is no original version of the dream, although you can look at it from two perspectives. One is the global form, and the other includes incorporation after a lengthy period time using personal components. However, the gist remains the same. The American Dream originated way back in the 1800s, and has been spread to almost every part of the World as it focuses on the basics of any human rights and needs.

The debate on the American Dream

Due to the lack of any concrete definition, the American Dream has always been a topic of intense debates and arguments. The American Dream has been featured heavily in films and novels with the first of them started by T.C. Boyle in his book The Tortilla Curtain. Pretty Woman was a close depiction of the subject, and received mixed reviews from America and all around the World. The drastic changes in the definition has caused many to lose faith in it. People tend to get baffled with the targeted nature of the dream, and why is it essential to every American. There are many who cut short the definition and use it as their motto to get rich and richer even if they need to be illegitimate at times. Many looks for unquestionable amenities provided by the Government at no cost while many believe in living a happy and peaceful life and are devoid of such materialistic illusions. .

There has always been a considerable amount of hate among many Americans towards immigrants although a large chunk of the American population back in the mid-1800s were immigrants and had their roots running deep in Germany. American Dream encourages people to look for upward mobility in their life so that they can achieve their lifelong dreams and pursue eternal glory in any form with unbounded freedom. However, at times it fails to contain the aspiring dreams of many seeking exposure and glory, and this is where one should be bounded by ethics. Although, many have argued that the bounding would counter or nullify the statement of freedom given to each American. The morality of individual comes into play making it an absolute hot topic during a raucous Monday morning.

What exactly are the freedoms given to the American?

Freedoms at first might sound a little dubious, but in this case, one can afford freedom in politics, economy, laws, and regulations. The thought of a dignified life might be enough to evoke a sense of utter contentment and freedom. The mention of home ownership simplifies the dream quite a bit. Home ownership infers as a victory over financial and economic constraints. The ability to own something and not to be undermined by any landlord or any Government body is cited as upward mobility and freedom.

American Dream as perceived by others

Many of the constituents of The American Dream can be cited as basic needs and rights of every individual ever to have lived on the face of earth. It does not matter which nation or continent they belong to. Despite the borders and language barrier, the American Dream is a notion or philosophy that every nation should abide by. However, the growing inflation, astronomic mortgages, and banking investments have put almost every nation in dire straits.

The start of the Trump Government was marked as the revival of The American Dream as many felt that their integrity has been lost somewhat and evoke their rights and claims. Drawing in few radical minds, the American Dream looks to be in an unstable scenario with people being misguided in the name of false comfort. Martin Luther King might have been against racism and race, but his dream of being looked upon with equality and unparalleled unbiasedness.

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