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Time management is synonymous with accentuating brainpower, eliminating stress, and being enviably organized. To remain productive and consequential in work or studies, time management plays a pre-eminent role. It is unavoidable if the desire to become smarter, effective, and efficient. Each individual gets around 24 hours a day, but not everyone makes the most of it. The fact that one is busy doesn’t have to converge with the effectiveness of the day spent. 

Free Essay on Time Management

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Multitasking is generally presumed to be a herculean task; however, it is not an effective method of spending time as it attenuates productivity. Only when the focus is to complete one job it can be well-managed and with perfection. As far as sincerity is concerned regarding respect for time, deadlines help a lot. It is under the pressure of these deadlines that response time decreases and work accelerates. Setting priorities are inevitable if all the goals in a day have to be completed on time. Meanwhile, getting rid of distractions is equally inevitable, and helps avoid falling into temptation and waste time.

It is rightly said that only a fresh mind can deliver the most productive performance. Different people have set their biological clocks according to their work schedule. The scale of productivity can be different at varied times like some prefer studying in the morning, while others at night. Setting reminders is an extremely healthy habit, and hence it must always be maintained to keep on track with time and work. At the same time, different tasks must be batched together as a part of the priority exercise.

The Internet is the best tool for almost all purposes, and simultaneously it is the biggest time killer. Turning off the email notifications and limiting of inbox checking while studying or working on something important can be a great way to save time. Thoughts are another enemy of work ethics. One has to dump all brain thoughts while working on an important goal because only a raw and fresh mind can eventually turn out to be responsive. Compromising always is detrimental, and it can put at stake a lot of valuable time. Hence saying no sometimes is a healthy gesture for yourself.

A clean cupboard, cultured desk, and arranged items can help save time, as it is easier to locate items and not get distracted with anything missing. Decluttering and planning are therefore indispensable. This is consequential in one being more organized and a smooth workflow. Most of us create routines but very few follow them. Exercise regimes are often without results but the fact remains that making a routine and following it can save a lot of time pondering or deciding something insignificant.

Stress management is not an easy task, it can often be compounded with additional work burden and personal problems. Only constant meditation and exercise save one from the scourge of depression. Project fragmentation for working professionals can help save a great deal of time. If the project work is extremely colossal then its compartmentalization makes sense. Few tasks can be delegated to others who are responsive enough. People generally have a habit of chewing more than one can swallow, that is making over-ambitious plans. That additional stress and anxiety can be done away with by making optimized plans and learning one’s limits.

Inspiration from external sources can be of great help especially when time management is becoming overly cumbersome. Hence some short intervals of break can be supplemented with images, videos or audios of motivational stories. Not all things are important in life, and hence the insignificant ones must be prudently avoided.

A day should be planned in the most effective way. An early start is always healthier and effective. Intentions of the day must be visualized beforehand. Scheduling and creating to-do lists in precisely mandatory. Healthy habits need to be developed and prioritized, and focus must be one every time. Success is for them who walk ahead of the commoners. Hence, planning for the next day is as important as the same day. All the hassles and worries of the day cannot and should not be carried along with for the end of the day. Practicing gratitude and carving out time for loved ones are equally important to keep the emotional quotient happy and vibrant. An optimum sleep cycle is another prerequisite to making the best of the next day. Listening to ambient music and going out for a stroll can help stabilize the mind and hence boost memory and save time. Finally, some buffer time has to be kept in between to fill the gaps and give oneself some relaxation.

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