Essay on Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Future

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Youth is the most energetic and dynamic phase of life, where spirits are indefatigable and ambitions insatiable. The youth believed in trials and triumphs, have the appetite for risk, and believe in relentless participation in all the opportunities that the world offers. Their ideas are fresh and their twinkling eyes are full of dreams, with anticipation of future and passionate zeal. Youth empowerment is the key to the prosperity of our future. The demographic dividend the world is talking about has in the past produced unprecedented economic booms, and hence any country that boasts of this advantage has to be taken seriously. 

Free Essay on Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Future

The potential of youth is ignited in the right direction can yield unfathomable results. Their energy represents the window of opportunity which needs to be harnessed to lay a strong foundation for future. A large population of the world consists of children and elderly. It is the staggering ability and perspicacity of youth that can cater to the needs of the majority of the dependents in a sustainable manner. They wish to explore all possible opportunities that create wealth, purchasing power, and social upliftment. It is their energy which would translate into engines of growth and development.

Youth are known for their entrepreneurial propensity and out of box thinking. Some of the most successful corporations and tech giants have been created by youth inventors and adventurers who had ideas worth billions. It is their intelligence and human capital investment that has given the world some of the most magnificent and startling facilities.

The newly constructed Sustainable Development Goals have placed youth as an indispensable stakeholder. The pledge is to take local roots to global reality. Commitments have been made to throw open unlimited access to resources, foster gender parity, encourage participation and encouragement, and unhindered empowerment. It is the prerogative of the youth to find creative methods of participation in global governance and demand or procure better services. It is an evident fact that youth-led monitoring frameworks and awareness campaigns have received greater attention and massive success as compared to the traditional ones. Transparency and accountability gets heightened automatically with the augmentation of youth participation and active involvement.

Skills that are required in this era do not necessarily include the quotidian ones, rather those that encompass the multifarious and multidimensional knowledge management. As we stand at the cusp of Fourth Industrial Revolution, certain skills that would dominate the next few decades are in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Nanotechnology, Renewable energy, Quantum computing, and Biotechnology. These broad areas need to be computed with another specific skillset that are designed for youth. They are critical thinking, complex problem solving, creativity, people management, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision making, negotiating skills, service orientation, and cognitive flexibility. The above-mentioned arenas of future is the representation of the acumen the youth of today inherently possess, which lets humanity embark on the journey to an even more prosperous future.

Not just in the technological domain, prudent analysis and independent thinking is also required in the socio-political domain. The world of today is torn with incessant civil strife, scourge of fundamentalist militancy, unpredictable natural disasters, job scarcity, identity crisis, anti-globalization wave and protectionism. Even after centuries of modern civilization, certain political issues continue to linger and even haunt the world of today. Such obscurantism and complications cannot be inherited by the future. Here comes the need for the open-minded, extensive, and multidisciplinary approach of youth. Politics cannot remain the prerogative of the septuagenarian leaders of today. The buck needs to be passed to the youth who will in consultation with valuable experience govern on a broader scale, irrespective of mortal identities.

Youth engagement and social inclusion has become inevitable in all arenas of development. The journey of young women from restrictive seclusion to fearless feminism is a quintessential revolution. It manifests the tremendous potential the youth can project, as they fight for their rights and opportunities. They can become the champions of tomorrow’s earth, by promoting cultural heritage, standing vociferously against gender-based violence, participating vigorously in competitions that seek for technology based solutions, and taking advantage of the Information and Technology revolution.  Greater activism in social development can lead to convergence of the fragmented society. They are the agents of change and will continue to do so beyond their youth.

Certain issues plague the international forums and multilateral organizations. One measure is common among all suggested solutions and that is greater participation of youth. Implementation of certain transformational and reverberating ideas can only be initiated and perpetuated by the youth. As they become the torchbearers of future, the world can speculate and await a brighter tomorrow.

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