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The technology that can create a simulated environment or three-dimensional image using computers is virtual reality, offers an absolutely futuristic experience. This new face of media was prognosticated decades ago in science fiction books and movies, which has now turned into a real-time experience available to normal humans. Although virtual reality technology has been utilized for decades in vehicle simulations, military and medical training programmes, and theme park rides, the Oculus Rift kit brought it into consumer-level reality. Now multiple commercial enterprises are launching their own virtual reality devices, benefiting mass audience and generating a plethora of exciting career opportunities.

Free Essay on Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has startling utilizations and manifestation in multiple fields that takes consumerism to the next level. In the commercial field, VR devices can create unique shopping experiences tailored by retailers transforming shopping into a virtual world consisting of videos and audio simulations. Home improvement companies can show people what their installed products would look like. Automotive companies can show components of automobiles without physically entering the dealership. Garment stores can show customers how they would look without trying on those clothes, and e-commercial ventures can offer a real-life shopping experience. Touchstone research has shown that when surveyed people expressed that they were interested in travel and exploration categories through Virtual Reality simulations. The Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA is already integrating VR into creating virtual experiences. Top car manufacturer Audi has created an app with Samsung to offer customers a virtual drive. Computer software company Shopify have created a VR product Thread Studio.

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Some of the VR sets already in the market creating a fervor of excitement among youth and children are Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Sony Project Morpheus, Google Carboard, Microsoft HoloLens, Mattel’s View Master, Valve and HTC’s the Vive. The real estate already has accessible VR options Google Street View and Google cardboard which are inexpensive experiences. VR is changing the way marketers are conducting marketing researches. It is moving away from studying observable shopper behavior to analyzing the reasons why customers make the decisions that they do. It has already been estimated that Virtual Reality market will be worth $30 billion by 2020. Some of the major VR store simulation providers are Kimberly Clark, Decision Insight, Vision Critical, InContext Solution, Vision Critical, InContext Solutions, Red Dot Square, and Fifth Dimensions. Tools used for market research are eye tracking software, virtual store and virtual focusing groups.

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Although initial setup cost for VR is high, virtual testing is set to cost less in the longer run than the traditional marketing test, helping companies make tests before introducing physical objects in real life. Virtual tests are faster and more efficient. It can test multiple scenarios simultaneously, giving advantage of potential project-specific cost savings. It can eliminate obstacles such as expenses, uncontrollable variables, and customer reticence, and also away from the eyes of competitors. In fact, a huge amount of data can be gathered from participants and that behavioral attitude can be used to explore shopper attitudes and motivations.

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There can be a gazillion innovative uses of Virtual Reality. It is already employed in military training services, helping them re-enact a particular scenario. Further uses in this field can include flight simulation, battlefield simulation, medic training, Vehicle simulation, Virtual boot camp. In the field of education, virtual reality can be used for teaching and learning situations. It would enable a large group of students to interact with each other in a three-dimensional environment. For example, astronomy students can learn about the solar system by physical engagements with the object. The world of virtual reality in healthcare encompasses surgery simulation, phobia treatment, robotic surgery, skills training, and other forms of diagnostics. The field of entertainment is again full of platforms for VR such as in virtual museums, interactive exhibitions, galleries, theatre, and interactive performances. When every field is making smart strides, the fashion industry has plunged to take benefits too by building fashion stores, 3D avatars, fashion show, and 3D fashion portfolio.

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Businesses already started embracing the Virtual Reality methodology through ways such as tours of a business environment, training of new employees, and a 360-degree view of product. The field of sports takes use of Virtual Reality through utilization of training aid in many sports such as golf, athletics, skiing, cycling, etc. It is used to measure athletic performance and design clothing or equipment.

It has been estimated that 500 million VR headsets will be sold around the world by 2025. The revolution has already begun and will overwhelm the future of technology.

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