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Donald J. Trump’s tenure in as the President of the United States of America has been, so far, shrouded in controversy. He began his election campaign with the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’, and while that is a good enough policy to promise to the citizens, the ideas proposed by the man were rather unwelcome by a huge section of the population. Many openly touted him as racially inclined, and his attitude regarding women, as vouchsafed by the leaked audio clip, did not help to improve his image. Naturally, the world watched in stunned disbelief- along with large parts of the United States, if the tweets are to be believed- as he left Hillary Clinton behind and won by a good margin. On Jan 21st, he took the pulpit to speak to the American population, for the first time as the President.



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Trump’s speech found its crux in its statement: “We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth.” It was the same idea that he had so fiercely advocated all through his election campaign, drawing attention to the dwindling American economy, the loss of jobs for Americans, and the fear-struck state of the country at the hands on alien residents. During his inauguration speech, Trump promised to put all these issues straight, promising to aim for an ‘All-American’ country.


Trump’s vision of the America he will leave behind after his tenure as President is of a completely self-sufficient nation, one that spends on itself and earns for itself. This was the premise behind the Buy American Hire American policy that Trump has advocated since his election campaigns. Recently, he signed an executive order that requires every organization to provide written purchase reference showing that the raw materials were produced in America and bought from American sellers, and that the labour involved are American as well. In short, this means no outsourcing, and no imports.


The idea behind the Executive Order can be pretty well understood. After all, ensuring that goods produced in the country are used to manufacture products, and hiring citizens, will both make the economy stable; employment will rise, and the nation will contribute to its own revenue. However, it is not clear how far this will be possible from the modern economical standpoint. The most significant drawback in the plan seems to be the loss in profitability of running a completely American business. Many American organizations today run their administrative and design elements in the country, and shift the manufacturing process abroad. This is more profitable, because, because of free trade understandings with many nations, the organization can manufacture the goods abroad at a much lower cost, and sell them in the US market at a much higher profit margin.


Trump’s presidency has so far been shrouded in criticism and cynicism, and the rebukes do not seem to have stopped even after he was sworn in. The policies that he had promised, during his campaigns, to put in place, are in real danger of actually being implemented, and the country is none too happy about it. The wall between Mexico and the United States, for instance. Taking a drastic step away from Obama’s equally drastic Executive Order that granted citizenship to a huge number of immigrants, Trump promised to build a wall between Mexico and the US, a la Berlin Wall style, in an attempt to keep foreign nationals from coming in and staying illegally in the United States. What he seems to have failed to realize, however, is the fact that this move will also lock down a staggering number of illegal aliens currently residing within the country.  The recent Executive Order that bans visas issued at certain Muslim-majority countries was apparently signed in order to reduce the threat of terrorism. However, this doesn’t solve the issue at all, mainly because many terrorists are, actually, homegrown, and such discriminatory policies on a matter as sensitive as religion will only create the hatred that forms the petri dish for breeding potential terrorists.

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Donald J. Trump’s presidency is only a few months old, and it is still too early to say how he effectively he will hold up his position and deliver the promises he had made during his election campaigns. What can be said for certain, however, is that while his vision for the United States is similar in essence with those of his predecessors, his approach to realizing it is starkly different. It remains to be seen whether, through his radical moves and controversial theories, he is actually able to lead the country to the greatness and glory she deserves.




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