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The world today is very much advanced in terms of technology. Among many technologies, internet technology is making a great revolution in our day to day life. And YouTube is one such thing that grasped a number of people into the digital world. It all started in 2005, by the employees of PayPal, who created video sharing website where users could upload, share and view content.

The domain “YouTube .com” was activated on February 14, 2005, with video uploading options being integrated on April 23, 2005. Within a year YouTube became one of the fastest growing sites on the World Wide Web.

free essay on Youtube and Its Impact essay


It consists of social networking sites on which practically any individual who has the internet connectivity can upload videos. These videos can be seen by the audiences immediately. It also makes a great educational revolution. We can see lots of education related videos in the YouTube. These videos will be highly beneficial for those students who can’t afford educational institutions and for their competitive examination preparation.

There are lots of informational videos and varieties of videos uploaded to this site. It seems to be user-friendly and the viewers can make their choices. Through these videos, any individual will be able to get awareness of daily happenings.  It shapes the life style of an individual. YouTube acts as a platform of advertisement through which the small businesses are able to reach their customers. We can see the rise of many YouTube stars in recent days.

It will be highly helpful in case of any natural disaster. If anything is going to occur there in a particular area then he/she can make videos and upload it to YouTube. Also, it plays an important role in socializing people through many good thoughts. It can be used to spread awareness among the public about the corruption activities of governmental authorities or bureaucrats etc…Many voluntary organizations may make use of this platform to spread their objectives and ideologies so that people come to know about those organizations.


Though there is lots of positive impact of YouTube on society, there are also some negative impacts. Since anyone can upload the video to YouTube, it may be advantageous to some of the anti-social elements. They use these sites for triggering violence’s like communal violence by making fake videos. Also, fake videos are being a great threat and challenge. Another great issue over this site is uploading unwanted and adult videos. Since every individual including elders and school children are using it may have a great impact on those school children.

It will also impact the culture of the particular society. The people always try to make them advance in terms of culture. They shape themselves accordingly to the one which they admired a lot. We can clearly see the effects of westernization in our country. Due to the increased effects of westernization, there is a gradual decrease in values of our culture. The YouTube is for entertainment and other purposes. But many people will soon become lazy to work and study because of these videos. They may, even suffer from some eye problems due to their long exposure to the screens.

One of the major issues regarding cinema field is piracy. There are many cinema pirates growing day to day. These pirates make use of YouTube to upload their mainstreamed videos. YouTube is doing a greater job in destroying the culture rather than socializing.  There are many unwanted advertisements occurring while watching videos. These will surely trigger and pollute the young minds. Since all videos are available here some people tend to make their choices wrong thus getting addicted to many unnecessary habits.


Everything in the world has both positives and negatives. It is up to the people in making their own choices. Also, it’s the time to remember a great example said by the former President and missile man of India “Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam”. Many birds will fly to make shelter during rainy seasons, but the eagle flies above the clouds to avoid rain. The problem is same, but the attitude differs. As like it depends upon the attitude of the people to use the site in a positive and negative way.

Thus in spite of some negatives the YouTube today is being one of the most successful World Wide webs. It contributes a lot to the individual and also to the society. Making a great effort and contributing in socializing the minds of the people, YouTube has done a great job for more than a decade.

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