Essay on the advantages of a small family

Why is it Better to Live in a Small Family?

We all are part of a small or big family. Even though it is possible to live without a family, nobody wishes to be devoid of it. However, the main point of debate is, do you want a big or a small family? Believe it or not, there are almost equal supporters for both the types of families.

There are a lot of people who believe that bigger families are better for the physical and mental growth of children. However, do you really think it is possible to handle a big family in this fast-paced world? It must have been practical in the 18th or 19th century. In the current era, where people do not have time to spare even for themselves, the concept of a big family is completely out of the question.

essay on small family

Now, the main question is, what are the benefits of having a small family? In this article, we will help you find answers to this question. Irrespective of what other people believe or speculate, a small family is often beneficial for both the adults as well as children. To understand the merits better, let us take a look at the below-mentioned points.

Benefits of Having a Small Family

  1. More Attention to Kids – Even today, a lot of countries in the world believe that bigger families are better than the smaller ones. If you concentrate on those countries, you will be able to understand that the number of suicides, psychological problems, criminal activities is more among children. Why do you think this happens? Unlike the previous generations, the kids today, often feel neglected and unwanted when you do not give proper attention to them. When you live in a big family, it may not be always possible for the adults to pay attention to each and every child. However, this becomes an easy task when you have a small family.
  2. Economical – You might have seen a lot of people who work two to three jobs together to fulfill the need of their family. This mostly happens when you have a big family. The major demerit of having a big family is that, even if you work for more hours, you will not have any money to save at the end of the day. Nevertheless, in a small family, the adults will not have to struggle very hard compared to the big ones. Having a small family will definitely help you to save money as well as your health.
  3. Better Education for Children – When you live in a big family, you might have to compromise your education at some point in time if you are not economically well off. This is a common sight in economically backward families. In most of the cases, women are the ones who face this kind of situation. No matter how hard the adults try to give equal education to all their kids, it may not be possible every time. Children in smaller families, often get better opportunities for education.
  4. Able to Take Better Decisions – One of the most talked-about demerits of a large family is that, one cannot take any decision of his own. He/she has to consult all the elders and get their approval before taking further action. This rule often applies to all the adults even if they are absolutely capable of making their own decisions. Not only it is bothersome, but it also consumes a lot of time to process an idea. In small families, this scenario doesn’t happen at all. The adults can take all the decisions which they think is appropriate for their family.
  5. Handle Situations Better – In bigger families, it may not be always easy to handle all the situations. You will have to consider the emotions and ideologies of all the members before taking part in a conversation. This only helps to create unwanted tension and street amongst the family members. Managing even the most critical situations become easier in smaller families.
  6. Better Health for the Mothers – Have you noticed that in large families, the person who suffers the most is often a mother. She has to do all the house chores and take care of all the family members at the same time. Many studies show that mothers in small families are healthier compared to those in large families.

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In short, it is clear that having a small family is better in the current scenario. Nevertheless, the aforementioned cases may not be the situation in all bigger families. However, if you see in a practical and economical point of view, a small family helps to reduce expenditure and provides more comfort to all the members.

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