Essay on Aryabhata – Life, Work and discoveries

 Free 700 words essay on  Aryabhata  – Life, Work and discoveries.


One of the most prolific mathematicians and astronomer who have ever walked on earth, Aryabhata, has been a quintessential influence on the astronomical culture and tradition of the Indian subcontinent. He is believed to be born in the Gupta era and has authored two major compendiums Aryabhata and Arya-Siddhanta. His contributions are unparalleled and his legacy unmatchable. Aryabhata’s genesis of earth being round and flat was confirmed by the western world some thousand years later. This explains the extraordinary discernment he possessed and how futuristic his thoughts were, as he had no access to any scientific or technological equipment. Imagine what world would have been if there were no trigonometrical basis to calculations. Innumerable mega-inventions would have been delayed or incomplete. 

Hindu, as well as Buddhist traditions together, has identified Aryabhata to have received education from Kusumpura that is modern Patna. He, in fact, is claimed to have been the head of Nalanda University at some point in time. Aryabhata is adulated for having set up the observatory at Sun Temple in Bihar. Several archeological testimonies indicate that originated from the present day Kodungallur.

Free Essay on Aryabhata

Works and treatises:

His work Aryabhatiya astoundingly consists of several mathematical calculations and methodologies followed even today. It covers algebra, arithmetic, trigonometry, fractions, quadratic equations, etc. The 108-verses book is divided into 4 chapters namely Gitikiapada, Ganitapada, Kalakriyapada, and Golapada. This sutras literature was rediscovered by his disciple Bhaskara I.

Furthermore, Arya-Siddhanta is a work of astronomical computations that was once lost and later revived by Varahamira, Bramhagupta, and Bhaskara. Persian scholar and Indian chronicler Al-Biruni mentioned about Aryabhata’s third creation Al-nanf that survived in Arabic translation.


Mathematical discoveries:

Aryabhata’s credibility and clout come from certain pioneering achievements. His invention of place value system was the basis of zero numeral in mathematics, a component whose indispensability need not be explained.

He successfully worked in the approximation of pi and concluded it being an irrational number. This was unprecedented because no other mathematics genius has even done it prior to him, and his techniques still continue to elude the greatest minds even today.

He discovered Pi can be used to calculate the circumference of a circle. His approximation of the circumference of a circle is phenomenally brilliant.

Aryabhata never used Brahmi numerals in his calculations; in fact, he used the letter of alphabets to depict the numbers he wanted to.

Kalakriyapada gives the method of planet position determination.

His trigonometric evaluations estimate the area of a triangle. Aryabhata also evolved the sophisticated algebraic and indeterminate equations, such as summation of series and cubes, and Diophantine equations.


Astronomical feats:

Also known as adayuka system, his system of astronomy reckoned that earth rotates on its axis daily and the shape of planet’s orbit is elliptical.

His model was a geocentric solar system where the Sun and Moon are carried by epicycles, and revolve around the earth.

He also calculated the position and period of the planets. Besides, his work also indicated the heliocentric model of solar system. It is said to be derived from Greek geographer and mathematician Ptolemy.

He accurately calculated the time of rotation and revolution.

Aryabhata gave scientific explanations to the anatomy of eclipses hitherto widely misunderstood. His claims rubbished the effect of Rahu on eclipse days. He explicated how moon and planets shine by the sunlight that gets reflected on planetary bodies.

Even today the calendar calculations invented by Aryabhata are used to fix the Hindu calendar ‘Panchangam’.

His calendric perfection is even utilized in the Islam world’s Jalai Calendar. Similar versions of those calendars are used in the modern-day Iraq and Afghanistan.

His works have even been cited by Al-Khwarizmi. Scholar Al Biruni has mentioned in his chronicles that Aryabhata’s followers believed the earth rotated around the sun.


The Legacy of Aryabhata:

The Aryabhata Knowledge University of Patna has been established by the Government of India, aptly handles the technical, management, medicinal, and allied profession education.

The first satellite launched by India was named Aryabhata and even a lunar crater in the Sea of Tranquility region of the moon called Aryabhata reminds and honors his name.

The Aryabhata Research Institute of Observational Sciences in Nainital executes some toughest experiments in the field of astronomy and astrophysics.


Every prominent mathematician and scholar hail Aryabhata as the pathfinder and trailblazer of mathematics. His pronounced achievements are everlasting that gives India a special place in the enigma of numbers.

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