Essay on Atheism

Though we live in a technologically advanced world, religion and superstitions play an important role in our lives. There are also people who are atheists. Do you know who is called an atheist? An atheist is a person who doesn’t believe in God. There was a time when such people were considered evil in our society.

No matter how progressive our society has become, some of us still hate such people. If you are a believer in God, do you think that it has helped you throughout your life? Even if you give a positive answer to this question, it cannot be considered as absolutely true.

essay on atheism

There arise situations in the life of every individual when he/she has to choose between God and happiness. The unfortunate part is that people who believe in this superpower will never give priority to their happiness.

Being an atheist will sometimes be beneficial to you. Some of the important aspects of atheism are mentioned below.

Promotes Happiness

Many studies show that the least religious countries rank the highest in the scale of the happiness index. The various other sectors such as safety, health care, economic status, etc., also see major progress in such countries.

Ensures Equality

There are many institutions and organizations which give priority to people of the same religion. This will only help to create a division between the people belonging to different castes and creed. On the other hand, it is impossible to distract an atheist in the name of religion. People will feel more comfortable in an organization led by an atheist. Atheism, in fact, promotes equality.

Thinks Practically

People who believe in God may not be capable enough to make the right decisions. Atheists will always think practically and make the best decisions. They also seem to have more IQ compared to those who believe in deities. As a result, an atheist will always become successful in his/her career.

More Self-Confidence

Atheists always do whatever they feel is right in a situation. They do think any of their actions as sin or irreverence to any particular religion. Thus, they will have more self-confidence and will perform better in all the adverse conditions. They also do not keep any expectations on the different deities to help them solve their problems. They depend on their own capability and skills. The self-confidence of atheists will also motivate other people around them.

Helps in Scientific Growth

Do you think that the scientists are atheists? Not all, but at least some of them will definitely be atheists. Even today, a lot of scientific developments are restricted just because they do not comply with the rules and beliefs of religion. Only atheists will be able to understand such studies and developments. They will also be able to make people realize not all the occurrences in this world are part of a religion.

Better Health

We live in a world where the medical science has progressed a lot. Nevertheless, many people die every year due to a lot of diseases. Among these victims, some people lose their life mainly because of religion. Rather than depending on the medical science, some people believe that God will cure their disease. This negligence often causes the lives of a lot of patients. Atheists, on the other hand, will never support such practices due which they remain healthier than the believers of God.

Promotes Peace

Terrorism is quite common nowadays. Thousands of people suffer due to the brutalities of religious people. Instead of living in harmony, they fight with each other in the name of God. Atheism never takes part in any of this violence. To be precise, by regarding all people equally, atheists help to promote peace in the society.

Forms a Better Society

Many social issues such as child marriage, sorcery, etc., are still prevalent in this world. Atheists never participate in such evil practices in the society. They will also have the ability to think rationally and also come up with the most logical solutions. In short, atheists will help to carve out a better society and generation.

Motivates the Younger Generation

Atheism is not all about not believing in God. Though they do not believe in any supernatural powers, they understand the importance of hard work and harmony. Such people will always help to motivate the younger generation to believe in one’s self. Thus the younger generation of the society will learn to move forward without bothering about any religious restrictions.

Atheism, hence, is very important to create a better society. Rather than concentrating on the superpowers to deal with a problem, atheism makes people independent. It will encourage people to make their own decisions without getting tangled up with the illogical religious beliefs.

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