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The flag of any nation is the manifestation of its pride and patriotism, demonstration of its heritage, and representation of their belief and faith. Citizens of the world take extreme pride in displaying the flags of their respective nation. Each national flag has a story and history underneath. The member of Commonwealth, Australia has a flag with defaced Blue Ensign. On the blue background lies the Union Jack in the canton and a large Commonwealth star. It also contains a representation of the Southern Cross constellation that is made up of five white stars. 

Free Essay on Australian Flag

There were competitions for the design of Australian flag. The original design was chosen in 1901 from entries in a competition and flown for the first time in Melbourne in 1903. The Flags Act 1953 finally recognized the Australian National Flag. The Union Jack represents the symbolism of Australia’s history that was made of six British colonial provinces, and also the principles of the Federation. It is predominantly a demonstration of loyalty towards British Empire. Papua was added to the Commonwealth star also known as the Federation star that makes it seven now. The Southern Cross is the representation of the most distinctive constellation of the Southern Hemisphere. It also emphasizes on the four moral virtues of Dante, justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude.

The colors of the flag have been given Pantone specifications by the Awards and Culture Branch of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. There is certain protocol attached to the usage of the flag. It can be flown on every day of the year, to be treated with respect, dignity, and as a symbol of national honor. It has to be held superior to any other flag when flown in Australia. The flag must be flown aloft and free. Australian flag can be flown on all government buildings and polling stations. Besides, private pleasure craft can also use it or the Red Ensign. The display cannot be subject to decay or fading away. Waste ones must be disposed of in a dignified manner.

There are certain parameters for the flag to be flown half-mast. It is the case if any sovereign of the nation dies, the death of a member of the Royal family, death of a present or former governor-general, death of any distinguished Australian, the death of any dignitary from a country having close diplomatic ties with Australia, on ANZAC day and Remembrance Day. Like the American flag and also other western countries’ flag, the Australian flag can be used commercially without specific permission, unless tarnished deliberately. The bill to make desecration of Australian flag a punishable offense has never reached the House of Representatives.

The Annual Commemoration of the Australian National Flag Day is held on 3rd September, through a proclamation issued by Governor General William Deane in 1996. However, it is not a public holiday. Interestingly, there has been a multitude of subtle debates about the removal of the Union Flag from the Australian National Flag, mildly lobbying for full sovereignty, even symbolic. It is considered as the most embraced symbol by the citizens of Australia.

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