Essay on autism

All You Need to Know about Autism

Have you heard about autism? It is also known as autism spectrum disorder. This is a type of developmental disorder often seen in children. This type of disorder can easily be identified within the first three years of a child. Children with this problem find it very difficult to communicate with others. Social interaction will also be very less in such kids.

Do you know any children who suffer from this kind of disorder? If so, you have to make sure that they are provided with special attention and care. This is because such children are highly sensitive towards everything. The various sights, sounds, smell, etc., which are very normal to the other children can cause pain and discomfort to autistic kids. Hence, it is important to know about the causes, symptoms, and available treatments of autism if you wish to take proper care of them. In this article, we will help you understand more about autism and autistic kids.

essay on autism

Causes of Autism

One of the very first questions that come into everyone’s mind is about the cause of a disease. Even the doctors and scientists have not yet found out any specific cause for this type of condition. Some of the possible causes are mentioned below:

  • Lack of a sufficient amount of oxygen during birth
  • Viral infections in the pregnant mother
  • Genetic disorder
  • Any hormonal imbalance
  • Exposure to heavy metals such as mercury or other toxins.
  • The reaction of medicines given at the time of pregnancy

The aforementioned causes are not scientifically proven. However, none of the medical practitioners have been able to find a solid reason for this type of disorder in children.

Symptoms of Autism

It is very easy to identify this disorder in children. Some of the common symptoms are listed below:

  • Difficulty to Communicate – Autistic children find it very difficult to communicate with others. They also take time to speak, learn languages, make eye contact with people, and so on. Their facial expressions are also different from that of normal people.
  • Difficulty to Express Emotions – Autistic people are likely to find difficulty in expressing their emotions. They are also highly emotional and sensitive. They always need someone to comfort them and provide them with all the necessary emotional support.
  • Abnormality in the tone of voice – This is one of the most common symptoms of an autistic child. Such children will always show some kind of abnormality in their tone of voice. They either speak like a robot or even in a singsong, flat tone.
  • Does not Understand Jokes – When in a group, you can easily point out an autistic child. This is because, no matter how funny a joke is, they will not respond to it like the others. They do not have the ability to understand or recognize jokes or sarcasm of any kind.
  • Lack of Concentration – Are you worried about the lack of concentration of your kid? It may not be because he is naughty or lazy. Before coming to a conclusion, you have to consult a doctor to make sure that your kid is not autistic. Children with this disorder often find it difficult to concentrate on a single topic or subject.

Tests to Determine Autism in Children

The various tests which are used to determine if a child is autistic or not are mentioned below:

  • DNA tests
  • Behavioral evaluation
  • Developmental screenings
  • Visual tests
  • Audio tests
  • Occupational therapy screening

Is it Possible to Cure Autism?

The most unfortunate part of autism is that there is no permanent cure for autism. Even after conducting a lot of studies and research, the medical field still has not come up with any medication to completely get rid of this problem in children. However, there are many therapies and other treatments to lessen the intensity of this disease in children. Some of them are listed below:

  • Physical therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Massages
  • Meditation
  • Chelation therapy

In some cases, the doctors also provide high-dose vitamins and melatonin to alleviate the symptoms of autism.


In short, autism is an incurable disease. The causes of this disorder are also not known to date. Even though it is not possible to cure autism, you can alleviate the signs and symptoms of this order with the help of therapies and other treatments. In addition to these treatments, every autistic kid has to be provided with proper emotional support to help them overcome this problem. No treatment will be effective if you are not able to understand the worries and problems of your child.

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