The Science Olympiad Foundation classified a famous Mathematics olympiad called ‘IMO’ which consists of two phases:

  • Logic and Mathematical questions
  • Pure Mathematics (not for class 1 and 2)


Ideas to crack IMO:

  • At first, go through the previous papers of IMO that will be covered for 70% in the current exam.
  • Collect your study materials well in advance.
  • Preparation must be focused on conceptual questions rather than direct questions. Application of concepts must be understood. You can use study materials from Olympiad Success – Achievers sections for conceptual questions.
  • Concentrate on understanding the concepts and do analytical problems to improve your knowledge on that particular concept. Thoroughly prepare each and every concept in this way.
  • Managing time is very important. Start preparing from today and Practice more questions using hardcopy of question papers within prescribed time limit avoiding online solving of math problems. This suggestion improves your time management regarding this particular test.
  • Feel the situation and do smart work. Practice more test papers to gain confidence.
  • Repeated practice of questions, logical thinking and solving math with quick tricks save time.
  • Take online clarification of doubts from well experienced faculties for efficient learning.

Steps to remove exam fear:

Only working well physically will not help for 100% achievement. Mentally preparing for success is also a vital step. Here we provide few points for this criteria:

  • Be more attentive and challenge yourself daily.
  • Prepare with utmost dedication avoiding weakness and laziness.
  • Timetable according to the pattern and concepts helps you improve the understanding and problem solving skills.
  • Understand the importance of the test but do not develop fear. Improve your confidence by working efficiently.
  • Positive thinking with confident handling of the test papers provide fulfilled success.

You can also take help of the best site to prepare for SOF IMO, NSO and IEO olympiads

Hence we hope, all the above suggestions help you to achieve success in SOF-IMO easily. If you set goals and go towards them with all determination, you will achieve to places that amaze you. Crack IMO and achieve your goal steadily. All the best!

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