Essay on Bullying and its Effects

Free 800 words essay on Bullying and its Effects for school and college students.

Bullying does not just cause emotional and mental trauma, but it can even lead to death. Not everyone who is subjected to bullying ends up committing suicide, but there have been quite a few incidences reported where people, especially teenagers, who have had to face severe bullying, ended up taking their lives. The rest of the people subjected to bullying may not resort to this extreme step of committing suicide, but almost everyone does start to exhibit an inclination towards wanting to commit suicide.

Free Essay on Bullying and its Effects

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Till a few years back, bullying used to happen mostly in schools, colleges and offices. However, thanks to the internet, no one is safe from bullying, even within the walls of their own homes. There are some important facts about bullying which many people are confused about.

  • Bullying does not always have to be violent. A person can be bullied through intimidation, emotionally and in many other forms which do not involve any sort of physical violence. The person is hurt on an emotional and mental level.
  • The person being bullied and the person bullying do not have to be physically together. This bullying can happen over the internet and through social networking sites.
  • Anyone can be a bully. Your classmates, peers, managers, and even some family member, including parents, almost anyone can be a bully.

Bullying is the worst form of torture. If you murder someone, you hurt that person only once, however, when you bully someone, you hurt that person on a daily basis, for the rest of his or her life. The effects of bullying can be felt by a person long after the actual bullying has stopped. Therefore, a teenager who has faced bullying during his or her school years, can exhibit the negative effects of the same, even in his or her adult life.

Some of the most prominent and widely observed long term effects of bullying on people are as follows:

Zero Confidence

A person may face just a single incidence of bullying in his or her whole life, and that may be enough to break the person’s self confidence for life. The person starts to feel completely powerless and has no self dignity left within himself or herself. As a result of this, even after years of this incident, the person would not have the confidence to stand up for himself or herself. They would constantly have doubts about their own capabilities and abilities, and in any situation, they would consider themselves to be the least deserving person for any achievement. As a result of this, these people are never able to perform well in any sphere of life, be it education, career or even personal relationships.

Depression And Anxiety

This is one of the most common effects that can be seen in maximum number of people who have had to face any sort of bullying. The bullied person continues to relive the moment in his or her own head and as a result constantly feels helpless and sad, leading to depression and constant anxiety. These negative feelings do not leave the person even when they turn into an adult. Most of the people suffering from this depression end up becoming victims of substance abuse and in some cases even commit suicide.

Problems Relating To Anger Management

Bullying can make a person lose control over his or her emotions. In a bid to take control of the situation, these people end up losing control over their temper. As a result of this, whenever these people start to feel cornered or threatened, they go into a fit of anger, in which they can even end up hurting the other person physically. People with such anger issues, are unable to make good relationships, whether in their personal life or in their professional or social life.

Negative Effect On Health

The person being bullied constantly lives in fear and feels miserable about his or her life. As a result, they do not eat properly, do not sleep well, face health problems like regular fevers, vomiting, etc. All these minor health issues can lead to bigger health problems as well. Besides, since the person stops enjoying his or her life, the physical activities and mental stimulation stops, which again is really bad for the health of any individual.

The cumulative effect of all of the above is social withdrawal. These people, who have suffered from bullying, are unable to make and maintain good relationships, and thus, end up slowly losing touch with the society. They develop major trust issues and thus, it becomes difficult for them to accept any sort of help from others as well. Therefore, it is extremely important that bullying should be stopped at all costs, and in case it does happen, the effects and consequences of the same should be identified at the earliest stage and immediate help should be provided.

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