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Free 536 words Essay on cancer for school and college students.

Cancer is not a communicable disease but it is one of the most life-taking diseases, if not detected or cured at initial stages.

Cancer is basically a serious situation wherein uncontrolled growth of any particular cell is treated and if not taken care of can kill a patient.

As per recent estimates, around 4 lakh people become victim of this deadly disease every year. The reports collected only from the Indian citizen’s counts to really a big number. Not only this, it is really shocking to know that only two lakhs people die just because of undetection or late treatment. Many people fail to detect and analyze its symptoms in the initial stages.

Essay on cancer

Know more about cancer?

Cancer as already informed is an uncontrolled state where multi-cellular animal’s cells grow to a level beyond control. This cell growth is basically a result of mitosis process where new or old cells divide themselves to form new cells. If such a cell formation abnormally exceeds, it give rise to a lump.

Such kind of lumps can cause ulcers and many other serious problems. Abnormal cells first attach on the organs and the entire body by utilizing food consumed by an individual. So, a person suffering from cancer would feel physically low, weaker, and a heavy weight loss.

Condition like tumors is a kind of situation where lump gets enclosed inside the connective tissue known as benign tumor. In the most severe cases, it is called malignant.

Cancer may occur in one or the other form:

  1. Sarcoma cancer attacks muscles, bones, connective tissues, cartilages, and blood vessels.
  2. Carcinoma cancer infects skin and the move to the internal organs.
  3. Lymphoma cancer as the name suggests, is a cancer affecting lymph glands and nodes.
  4. Leukemia cancer mostly starts infecting blood responsible for formation of organs like bone marrow.

It has been scientifically found that no human or specie that is found on this Earth is free from this dangerous disease called cancer.

Although, the actual causes of occurrence of Cancer are hard to find but some predictions can give us assurance and help us to keep this disease at bay:


  1. Active or passive smoking is the main reason of cancer as far as studies are concerned.
  2. Chewing tobacco can invite cancer in mouth,oesophagus, throat, etc.
  3. Consumption of Alcohol in excess.
  4. Prolonged exposure to harmful dyes, chemicals, etccan cause cancer.
  5. Harmful radiations like X-ray.
  6. Pollution from chemicals, dust, smoke.

Cancer may originate at places like

There is no hard and fast place rule for cancer but it is mostly seen in body organs like

  • alimentary canal,
  • bones,
  • gall bladder,
  • larynx,
  • lips,
  • liver,
  • lungs,
  • lymph nodes,
  • pharynx,
  • tongue,
  • urinary bladder,
  • uterus, etc.

Initial Symptoms of Cancer:

  1. Formation of lump
  2. Uncontrolled thickening of any tissues
  3. Changing bowel movement
  4. Voice change
  5. Weight gain or loss, to name a few.

We just gave basic idea about Cancer, types of cancer, probable reasons for its occurrence, body organs that it affect, and Initial symptoms. There is more information to it and can be easily found on web.

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44 Responses

  1. Kitty says:

    There have been cures thru the years and the pill companies squashed them out because they couldn’t make money off a cure.

    • Tonya says:

      Then explain all the deaths of all of those natural drs who were coming out with their cures for cancers. You are free to believe whatever you want. And hopefully you will never be in any position to ever need to make those hard choices. My husband is a living miracle because he didnt listen to the drs about taking their death cocktails. Seeing and knowing first hand, is believing. You are free to choose all of your choices. Choose wisely. Personally I want to know ALL of my options.

    • king says:

      The truth is there but in order for they to make money they have to hide the truth which is the cure, stress is #1 killer that is why 99.9% people get sick, eliminate the stress, u can eliminate sickness also

    • Tracy says:

      Our government killed the doctor who discovered the cure fo all cancers in 1934. Educate yourself with researching this data.

    • Marion says:

      BULL SHIT!!!! If someone came up with a cure they would be ‘next to God”.

      • Shirley says:

        Maybe you should get a little more informed before making such statements, it is quite well known there are many alternative cures for cancer that work. Do your research!!

        • Marion says:

          And NO executive of these EVIL drug company has Ever had cancer and was saved by these miracle plants? OR had a child that could have been Saved? Instead they kept quite to make more money??? REALLY??? Drug companies have a bad side, no doubt! But you people are implying a great conspiracy that is not possible! Of course, many are the same people that think 9/11 was an inside government job.

          • Marta says:

            Marion you are very ignorant! I was just like you, I don’t blame you at all. Until about 5 months ago when I was diagnosed with “incurable” brain cancer at the age of 37! The doctors gave me 6 months to live yet still were trying to push chemo and radiation on me for profit!!! They said I could maybe just maybe live an other 2-3 years with the treatments! I refused them. I changed my life! Started eating a fully raw vegan diet etc… According to my doctors my body should be shutting down yet I feel totally healthy and energetic and happy and enjoying life! I totally believe that there are some huge cover ups going on… Don’t be naive. Because of ppl like I was and what your beliefs are the drug industry can get away with it! God bless! Wish you good health!

          • Marion says:

            You have the right to believe what you want. Please respond to my notion that NO person in the drug business has EVER been saved by your method and not come forward. Why is that??? Money means Nothing to someone who is dieing. Nothing!!! And No I am not ignorant or naive.

          • Shirley says:

            Hey Marion, hate to teach you something, but there are people on earth that have saved themselves from Cancer, without the help of chemo. If I am ignorant about a fact, I don’t shout all over the page, do some research or wake up… the way I have cancer, so I know just about everything there is to know……

          • Marion says:

            Shirley… NEVER said it can’t happen. Hope it turns out to All to be true. But for you guys theory to hold water, all doctors and drug employes have to be very cruel, money hungry Monsters!!!! Not buying it. BTW…my Mother and Father both died of different cancers. Ones that can (for the most part) be cured now days with drugs. I remember when my father came home with Shark Cartilage as a cancer cure. Another alternate treatment? I wish you well, but you can teach me nothing.

          • Kristine says:

            Marta well said & amazing !!! God Bless you

          • Kristine says:

            Marion you have no clue what a CEO of a drug company does !!! Neither does anyone else lol unless your a CEO of a drug company ? A Troll maybe ? The FACT is people who choose alternative ways to beat cancer DO BEAT CANCER !!! PERIOD ! Believe it or not that’s your choice !!! THE PROOF IS RIGHT HERE IN PEOPLES OWN WORDS !!! Bless all the survivors … They have the courage and knowledge to Cure Thy Self !!! And they do !!!

          • Shirley says:

            Marion lives in the world that We were taught to believe exists, someone Who still believes the twin towers story, cannot be Saved, it’s hard to accept the world as it really is, so Marion keep dreaming!! And no, no one can teach you anything, a mind that is closed cannot learn anything!!!

          • Marion says:

            Kristine .. May I quote you?.” you have no clue what a CEO of a drug company does !!! Neither does anyone else”. Yet all of you claim the drug companies are Evil. There is a compromise there somewhere. Penicillin is a drug so are antibiotics and many other wonderful life saving drugs. Do you want to throw them all out? Question.. i have glaucoma, should I forgo my vision saving drugs and just eat carrots??

          • Brenda says:

            I hope the next generation of people wont be as naive as Marions…so sad people still believe drug companies are still out for our best interest!!!

          • Marion says:

            Brenda I see you can’t answer my questions either. NO one has answered any of my questions.

  2. Colleen says:

    there are 200 cures for cancer. why do we still have cancer? a lot of weeds cure cancer. why do we still have cancer? greater celidonium apparenty cures cancer, i might be over run with it. sould i give it away or sell it for people to cure a cancer?

  3. Cintia says:

    “No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment” – Dr. Otto Warburg

    • Chauncey says:

      The problem now is we live in a world 2016 full of chemicals in food water in the air . GMO food . Artificial sweeteners . And a whole bunch of other factors that’s making people sick.back than food was still natural and whole . And not as much chemicals were used now days it’s in everything . Factory’s pumping crap in the air

    • Karen says:

      Your body is always alkaline at 7.35 to 7.45 so I don’t get the “alkaline environment” thing. Your body will always keep itself alkaline. Anything less than 7.35 is a disease state.

      • Bruce says:

        No it’s not. The vast majority of American people have an acidic diet.

      • Eric says:

        The horrible food they put on the market acidity levels are horrible and you must eat better by yourself

      • Karen says:

        They may have an acidic diet but the body has mechanisms to keep itself at 7.35 to 7.45 which is ALWAYS alkaline. An acidic body is a dead one. I posted elsewhere that I have only seen one patient in 100 years of being an ER RN as low as a neutral 7.0, but he only lived 3 more minutes.The body cannot be acidic and be alive.

      • Mắt says:

        It’s like as if you keep on cutting yourself with razor sharp because the body will eventually going to heal itself anyways.

        ONLY if you give it the proper nutrient or else it’s just a matter of time before it give up on you

      • Paul says:

        Karen is right, not only that the different body parts are alkaline and acidic. Stomach for example a very acidic environment and it’s needed. When the urine and blood is taken to measure the pH this is not a true reflection of health at all. The connection is eating a good diet free of processed foods, refined sugars is for best chance of strengthening the immune system to fight cancer, period! Thats why some survive and some don’t. It depends how much damage you’ve done or doing and if you can reverse it or at least create and healthier environment. The cancer will flourish in a body with a weak immune system and a poor emotional state. Happiness and clean eating is your best chance.

      • Cindy says:

        Absolutely untrue Karen. The human body can easily be in the acidic ranges and still alive. Very acidic is 4.5 – 5.75, acidic 6.0 – 6.5, optimal 6.75 to as high as 7.5 and too alkaline 7.5+ – 9.0. I am eating extremely well with very little (almost no) sugar and getting into and staying in the optimal range is still tough. To suggest someone with a ph below 7.0 is or will die is completely misleading. An acidic body is indeed one prone to disease but your explanation is very much off base.

      • Matthew says:

        Bruce there’s a difference between having an ‘acidic diet’ and an ‘alkaline environment’.

      • Jamison says:

        Karen the body creates homeostasis always, but by doing so the body will leach calcium from the bones to maintain the pH, it will leach water from the muscles, and the body will create tumors in order to absorb the toxic compounds ingested. The idea is a little more complex than Otto’s simple quote suggests. Oxygen is one of the healthies “alkaline” substances for humans, than spring water, than leafy greens, sprouted seeds and fruits. Anything cooked will usually become ‘acidic’ because it loses oxygen and water, etc…

      • Claire says:

        I think the alkalinity theory is something like this: The body will maintain it’s normal PH but if we eat acidic foods regularly, the mechanisms the body uses to neutralise the acidic food can also do us harm, eg, leeching calcium from the bones to neutralise the blood, etc, thats the theory anyway. And of course excess calcium in the blood leads to atherosclerosis, etc, so the theory states that the food needs to be alkaline regularly, so the body doesn’t have to go through all those processes to neutralise it, or alkalise it. If anything else, most alkaline foods are vegetables and fruits, so even if the alkalinity theory didn’t hold up, there’s plenty of evidence that fruit and veg prevents disease.

      • Paul says:

        Measuring your urine is not a way of measuring the bodies pH which is what most of you when talking about such different high and low ranges are referring to.

      • Harrison says:

        Paul how do we measure the bodies ph levels?

      • Bernice says:

        Karen is right the body can make it self alkaline by drawing minerials and nutrition from the other parts of your body. However when this happens, your body can become weak and fragile.

        Because most American diets are highly acidic, that means your body will be in a poor state if your body is constantly trying to alkaline itself. That’s why its so important to help alkaline your body for your body so it doesn’t have to work so hard and draw resources from other parts of the body.

        Acv, baking Soda, lemons, and minerals will all help alkaline your body. I feel its important to try and keep the body in an alkaline state, so your body can work on more important things.

      • Amy says:

        Paul wow. Thank you for sharing this

      • Enzo says:

        Most of you need to take pathophysiology!! LOL this is better entertainment than Saturday night live!!! Some are close some are so off the rocker it’s scary…. if your blood pH shifts too much either way your die, hmm your kidneys buffer for ya… and yes different parts have a different pH… I like my stomach pH being acidic for many reason…. but what do I know… well let’s put it this way I should have written this post in APA and cited it but let’s start with 90% of you buying and reading one pathophysiology book… I say read Guytons it’s basic information should help

      • Karen says:

        oh my, Cindy, you have highly embarrassed yourself because you have no idea what you are talking about. The only other low pH I have seen was 6.8 and that patient came to us DEAD, having died enroute. Body pH must stay between 7.35 and 7.45 and your body will keep it that way. End of story.

      • Wyatt says:

        You’re a nurse? Tell me where you work so I can be sure to never end up there.

      • Karen says:

        Wyatt ,I’m right about everything I said. As are the other posters who agree with me. You have the opportunity to learn something today.

      • Jason says:

        As far as i’m concerned conventional medics are quacks. Their philosophy is to always TREAT and never CURE. According to my ultrasound tests my shoulder is battling with bursitis. Guess what? My doctor prescribed me steroid injection which lasts for a few months and there’s only 3 injections i can have, after that good luck, body destroyed and more pain. Gave his prescription the flick and been taking Turmeric daily. I can work and function without ANY PAIN WHATSOEVER. Side effects? NONE. In fact the Turmeric lowers the cholesterol, helps the heart, fights diabetes etc. Follow these quacks called doctors and you end up dead, eat healthily and take natural help and you will live longer. I can’t stand these crooks that only see you as $ signs when they look at you.

  4. Ivan says:

    GrapeSeed extract is effective in inhibiting the growth of Cancer cells.

    • Jasmin says:

      There are hundreds of natural elements that kills cancer cells so i began to think that the combination cancer-chemioterapy is used for make lot of money,for depopulation and also for a sort of psy -operations for create traumas and make people more weak …(cancer is very traumatic for who has it and for all his family) it is like after a war people is more weak brainwashed and easy to controll (brainwashing based on traumas a sort of soft mk ultra operation)

    • Mirette says:

      As long as they aren’t from California … since they found glyphosate even in organic ones from California

      • Luciana says:

        Wow, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info!

        • Mirette says:

          I don’t know how true it is but looked around on Google and according to many pages 99% of all California grapes had this chemical in them 🙁 organic ones as well

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