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Child care is the process of looking after children by a person other than parents like nannies, teachers, day care centres and other providers. Children from months of age to thirteen years are made to join in a child care centre or under the supervision of people who can take care of them. Childcare not only involves taking care of children but a wide spectrum of activities, cultural and social conventions and other activities which can train the children for their future.

Free Essay on Child Care

Child care institutions make sure that the people who take care of the kids are trained in taking care as well as CPR and first aid certified. They would verify their backgrounds and other details to make sure they can take good care of children. Child care also involves learning environments that are advanced and includes the elementary and childhood education. The person best suitable for such training is teacher who is trained with deeper education skills such that they can focus well on the children.

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In the United States, childcare can be costlier and it is completely based on the age of the child and the amount of time involved in taking care of them. The early child care plays a very important role as the quality care from the initial stage can have a huge impact on their future success.

Children are generally taken care by parents and in case they are not available their role would be taken by the legal guardians or the extended family. In case the extended family is unable to take care of the child, there are foster homes and orphanages that provide housing, care, and schooling.

There are two main kinds of child care in case parents are employed such as home-based care and centre based care. Home-based care is that where a nanny or some family day-care is arranged or centre based care where the child can be dropped in school, preschool or day care. There is also another option, where parents can choose to find a caretaker who can provide child care at home itself or swap with another family.

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Effects on child development

Most of the working parents prefer a paid child care based on the locality and the ability to afford for the same. This completely depends on the decision of parents of leaving their child with someone else who would have a great impact on child’s life. Safety and security play a major role and the need of trust on the facilities and personnel are important in taking a decision on child care. The parent needs to be comfortable in leaving the child with them as it can have an impact on the development of child behaviour.

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It is not only the caregiver’s effect but also the responsiveness of parents plays a major role in child development. The facilities of social, emotional and cognitive development are facilitated by parent’s responsiveness and help reduce negative emotions mainly in infants. The caregiver needs to spend quality time on listening, teaching, exploring and playing with the child to enhance the development of child behaviour. The child needs to receive the majority of time and attention from caregivers and this can have a direct effect on the child’s academic, physical and social skills.

In the United States, more than half of the children are attending the childcare facilities and the number keeps increasing. The quality of the child care again depends on the cost of enrolment charged by the centres. The better would be the childcare if the child care centre charges more for their services and they would be able to provide better education and resources that are needed. It is depended on cost because more they charge the child care centres can employ better trainers who are well trained in providing a complete and effective care for the child.


It is very important to evaluate the value of childcare providers because they are playing a major role in making the social function and it is a known fact that their work is not being appreciated. The future of a child is dependent on the way they are nurtured and the environment in which they grew. The impact of parents and people around them would mould their behaviours and development. Eventually, they are the future citizens who are expected to be on the right path and there is a requirement for them to be on the right people to make the world a better place.

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