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Children are the most innocent creature God has created. All they deserve is compassion and benevolence. Unfortunately, greed of humanity, baleful terrorism, scourges of deadly wars, and unrelenting violence through unscrupulous proxy wars has exposed childhood to such travesty. Millions of children displaced and destitute have been disfigured with the endless spate of insensitivity. It was after the terrible World Wars that the international community came together to document crimes committed against children under unreasonable circumstances. United Nations’s agency for children UNICEF came up with Convention on the Rights of Child in 1989 which is the most rapidly ratified international human rights treaty of the world. This accomplishment has received widespread support.

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Among the 900 million poor on the planet who live below $1.90 a day, half of them are children. Their plight is a shame to humanity and their deprivations a wake-up call. Normalcy of life gets disrupted when people lose livelihoods or are incapable of finding restoration and rehabilitation facilities. Such situation gets exacerbated especially for children who are deprived of basic necessities in their prime years. Almost 42 rights have been enshrined by the UNICEF that encompasses all requisite rights that each child in the world is entitled to.

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Article 1 entails that every human below 18 years of age is a child and is entitled to each rights of the Convention equally.

Article 2 defies any discriminatory parameters such as race, religion, gender, or abilities. The Convention considers all children as equal.

Article 3 demands organizations concerned with children to work for their welfare as a social and moral responsibility.

Article 4 expects every sovereign government to make adequate rights for children specifically.

Article 5 too expects Governments to respect the responsibilities of families in guiding their children and act as supporters.

Article 6 wants the Government to ensure that children live a healthy and safe life.

Article 7 ensures that children get their name and nationality legally registered.

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Article 8 wants the Government to respect every child’s credentials.

Article 9 states that children must never be separated from their parents except for exceptional circumstances.

Article 10 demands mobility of families who stay in different countries.

Article 11 expects the Government to take steps to stop children being taken out of their country illegally, mostly hitting out at child trafficking.

Article 12 shares the even children must be taken the chance to express themselves when vital decisions are being taken for their lives.

Article 13 states that even children have the right to information as long as it is not damaging to them.

Article 14 wants that even children have the right to freely profess and practice their own beliefs, faith or religion.

Article 15 allows that children too have the right to join other groups and organizations.

Article 16 states that children have right to privacy and respective laws must protect them from any external attacks.

Article 17 suggests that children must be exposed to reliable information from the media.

Article 18 demands that both parents are responsible for the upbringing of the child and governments must provide them relevant services.

Article 19 states that Governments must protect children from any violence, abuse or neglect by parents.

Article 20 wants that abandoned children must be raised by someone else who should respect the child’s faith and religion.

Article 21 demands regulations on the adoption laws for children.

Article 22 wants that refugee children who arrive in a country must have the same rights as the resident children.

Article 23: Disabled children must receive special care.

Article 24: Children must be provided with all rights to good food, nutrition, health and education.

Article 25: Children who are looked after by some authority other than parents must undergo regular review.

Article 26: Governments must provide additional monetary support to Children.

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Similarly rest of the rights seeks an assurance that children live a life of dignity, self-esteem, equality, non-prejudice, physical and mental strength, legal protection, and encouragement. Conflict zones are highly susceptible to gross violations of the human rights of children, as there are problems of mass starvation, child soldiers, epidemics, mismanagement and most importantly absolute lack of education. Humanitarian relief may or may not be able to penetrate those regions. It is the prerogative of both the respective Government and the international community to come together and help these disadvantaged children. The above-mentioned rights must be fostered, protected, and propagated with determination and statutory backing. Only then can every child be raised with equal rights, and the world becomes a better place to live in.

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