Essay on causes and effects of divorce

We live in a fast-paced world where technology is prioritized over relationships. Marriage is one such relationship which has lost its significance in the current world. There was a time when marriages were considered sacramental. During that time divorce rates were very low.

Along with the various developments, the divorce rates also have increased rapidly. Marriage is no longer a spiritual union today. It is full of compromises and adjustments. Is that why the divorce rates are high now? Do you think that there are any consequences of divorce?

essay on divorce

To reduce the divorce, it is really necessary to have a clear understanding of the system of divorce as a whole. In this article, we will ponder over some of the main causes and effects of divorce.

Causes of Divorce

  • Money – The relationship between couples often worsens because of money. This happens especially when one person earns more money than the other. A lot of families break apart due to this reason. The divorce cases are higher in situations where women earn more money than men. The complex of both the husband and wife is equally responsible for the divorce in such cases.
  • Cheating – This is one of the major reasons for divorce. An extramarital affair is the most common form of cheating, which always results in divorce. It is difficult to say the exact reason for cheating a partner. It may be the feeling of abandonment or the lack of emotional attachment which encourages a person to cheat his/her partner. There are also some people who engage in extra-marital affairs for fun.
  • Incompatibility – Compatibility is very important between a husband and wife. If they do not have any traits in common, it can often lead to unnecessary struggle and arguments in the family. Even if the partners are completely different from each other, they should be able to understand each other’s feelings and thoughts. If not, their married life will definitely break at some point in time.
  • Abuse – Physical and mental abuse often leads to divorce. Some people argue that these types of divorce cases arise only in arranged marriages. This is not exactly true. Abuse rates are high even in love marriages. Though some people try hard to save their marriage irrespective of the tortures they receive, not all people will be able to endure this.
  • Addictions – Addiction to drinking and drugs are definite marriage breakers. Some people try to stay married and help their partners overcome this addiction. Divorce cases are usually filed when people do not make any efforts to get rid of their addiction.
  • Misunderstandings – People often break apart due to misunderstandings. Lack of proper communication is one of the major reasons for this problem. When a person finds a flaw or an allegation about his/her problem, rather than trying to solve it, they try to blame each other and decide to divorce.

Effects of Divorce

  • Depression – People often fall into depressions after divorce. This is common in both men and women. Depressions in such cases are usually major problems, which needs to be treated with utmost care. Some people even attempt to suicide because of this.
  • Constant Stress in Children – Children are the main victims of divorce. They feel a constant stress when their parents’ divorce. Some of them even try to solve the problems between their parents. This will only help to create more worries and stress in them.
  • Trust Issues in Children – Children keep a lot of expectations on their parents. When people divorce, their children lose the trust on them as well as the entire society. They try to develop an imaginary wall around and never allow people to get close to them.
  • Anxiety Issues in Children – Those children whose parents are fighting for a divorce will definitely have anxiety issues. Especially those who are dependent on both the parents will feel more nervous and will lose their interests in studies and other activities.
  • Fears Commitment – Once faced with a divorce, some people will fear commitment forever. They will have problems in trusting and moving ahead with other people in their lives.
  • Addiction – This is one of the major consequences of addiction. To get over the emotional stress after divorce, people often develop addictions towards drinking or drugs. This is seen in both parents and children. Though it is not a good habit for either of them, addiction will ruin the entire future of the children.
  • Behavioral Issues in Children – Children whose parents have divorced, seem to develop a lot of behavioral issues. They get violent even for the smallest of the reasons. This attitude will also develop criminal traits in them.

In short, a divorce not only separates two people but ruins the whole family. Children who otherwise would have had a bright future will fall into depressions and many other psychological issues. The couples who get divorced will also have to deal with a lot of physical and mental problems throughout their life.

Hence, rather than deciding to break apart, it is always better to discuss the problems and try to solve them among themselves. This will help to create all major misunderstandings which might be the sole reason for divorce. However, there are also situations when divorce seems to be the only solution to a problem.

Before planning to divorce, everyone should think about themselves and also about the consequences on their children. If possible, you should try to give a second chance to your relationships. This might save you and your kids from a major heartbreak.

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