Does Technology Make People Lonely?

The internet ingress has made our life so easy that it has become difficult to figure out what is wrong from the right. We can connect to person seating miles away from us within a click. The technology bought many changes in our lives which are even countless.

It is difficult to figure out whether technology bought differences or not but is it clear that there is a lot of changes which we are facing now. We can get every information regarding anything while seating on a desk. It has become a hub for news sources. The believes are getting posted socially on many social websites. It has become the source for convincing people about the inner thoughts.

does technology make people lonely

The internet is a global library where you can get the answer to everything you are in need of. To plot a graph about what technology exactly mean one can say that it is just like your choice how you choose your friend circle to be, and correspondingly we can say that the people we live with ( our friend circles) are a reflective image of what we are. In the same sense, it’s all on us how we are choosing the effects of technology on our selves.

As according to the old saying “every coin carries two faces”, technology has its own merits and demerits. It depends on the choices of someone’s own customization.

It can be partially accepted that technology can make someone feel alone as a person cannot be available for you at the same time you are available. And after all, technology is a mechanical world so there is no place for sentiments so one cannot understand what the person behind the other monitor is facing in his own life.

In today’s age, majorly teenage and adult people are taking technology world less as a source of knowledge but more as a trending material. They are not concerned with the knowledge they can supervise with it but they are more worried about keeping hand in hand with the trending affairs in the society. They don’t overview the circumstances the merits and the demerits of their behavior towards the society with the help of technology. One cannot deny the fact that technology or the World Wide Web serves us with trillions and zillions of options to indulge our time in.

From an academic view as well as a business view including all the extracurricular activities covering the globe. In today’s world, it’s not a compulsion to sit in a classroom with dozens just like you to achieve a degree on a course of your liking/ talent you can achieve it seating and be relaxing at the back of your bed without hesitating about the age or any discomfort that you face in front of the people. This plus point of the technology can be looked upon in two different ways firstly as mentioned earlier it avoids hesitation and helps us to achieve something in a comfortable environment.

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Secondly, this might create a negative aspect on the stage fear that peers carry. The culture of classroom studies is carried out till date not just because it is in the gradation but because of the positive seedlings that it provides. It not only gives you knowledge but allows you to communicate with the variety of Homo sapiens surrounding you so that in the upcoming years of your life you can achieve something that you have dreamt of from your childhood. When the thoughts are bought up, that the technology is degrading the social skills which are still a mystery. So we can partially agree with the fact that technology can make someone alone or can make him stand with full enthusiasm on the top of The Mount Everest.

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