Essay on Donald Trump Presidency’s impact – USA and international impacts

Free 516 words Essay on Donald Trump Presidency’s impact – USA and international impacts for school and college students.


The US president-elect Donald Trump has been in limelight since the declaration of US elections. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United State. It has become a common refrain that “Take Trump seriously but not literally”.  Let’s see why we should think about this statement.

Essay on Donald Trump Presidency’s impact - USA and international impacts

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Trump has made many declarations and decisions which have huge impact on the world economy; few being a blessing and few a boon. It is observed that he handles the international relations broadly. He has been positive about wanting to an engagement with Moscow and also lifting the sanctions. This has been conveyed to him to President Putin. He has also made good and strategic business choices and of his leaders as his secretary of state is a good friend of the Russian President. But the paradox here is, China has been threatened by Trump saying the one-China policy can be reconsidered and also, they may penalize China for currency manipulation.

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There is an advantage for India due to the friendly relations between the United States and Russia as this will help us create strong bonds and relations with both without any possible contradiction. This will also reduce Russia’s dependency on Beijing. Also, any policy that may confront China’s expansion will have no negative impacts on India. As per new Trumps policy, there will be no TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) which was initiated by former president Barack Obama to keep the rest of Asia countries like Japan, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia out of Beijing’s orbit. But this plan now is in on hold.

Now let us talk about the economic impact. Our primary concern is what happens to H1B visas. The US president and also his attorney general have mentioned of reducing the number of H1B visas. This will definitely not be a good news for the IT industries in India, as the 60% of $108 billion is exported to the US per year. The big IT giants like Infosys, Wipro and TCS may have huge impact due to this. However, this decision could also impact the American companies which are now highly dependent on outsourcing their employees and brains. Also if this happens, the cost to US companies will increase as the current contracts will be passed on to their American customers at a definitely higher rate. So now the point is will Trump rethink on this decision?

Coming to Britain, it’s the 2nd on list to export services to US in the world. This may affect UK as well. But as per current scenario, UK is not much at risk as Trump is considering it to be first on his list for bilateral negotiations.

Now, undoubtedly, exports to the US will be affected but will that make such companies rethink their India strategy? I guess that depends on how badly they’re affected.

All this just raises a brow on what would be Trumps final implications as regards world trade and relations. Everyone has just fingers crossed as of now till we discover what is actually going to happen.


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