Essay on E-Waste and its management

We live in a technologically progressed world. Though technological advancement has always been a boon to us, it can also cause harm to human life. Are you wondering if this statement is true or false? Then, you don’t have to doubt anymore. The clear proof of such a harm is seen almost in all parts of the world in the form of e-waste.

E-waste or electronic waste consists of all the discarded electronic and electrical materials. These materials contain a large number of harmful chemicals and metals such as flammable substances, lead, beryllium, etc. These substances are one of the major cause of environmental pollution. Continuous exposure to these metals and chemicals can cause many diseases in living organisms.

essay on e waste

Technology is always in the path of progress. This progress has led to the abandonment of the older machines and other equipment. Though all the people try to move ahead with the technology, no one takes any step to properly dispose of these e-wastes. In case if you are planning to discard e-wastes, make sure that it is done without causing any further harm to the living beings.

How to Manage Electronic Waste?

In this article, we will help you understand the methods to manage e-waste efficiently. Please take a look at the points mentioned below:

  • Do Not Buy Unnecessarily – Are you planning to buy a new electronic gadget? If yes, think twice before doing that. There are mainly two questions to ask yourself – Do you really need a new device right now? Is your present gadget no longer usable? If you get a positive reply to these two questions, then you have no option other than to buy a new gadget. If not, please don’t buy unnecessary electronic equipment and give rise to more e-waste.
  • Repair your Device – Instead of always discarding your device and getting a new one, try to repair your device. If it is capable of functioning after a repair, why do you need to buy a new one? It will only be a waste of your money too. In case of minor faults, always try to get it repaired before thinking about a new one.
  • Sell your Device – People are still not aware of the websites which accept used devices. There are many websites such as Swappa, uSell, Gazelle, etc., in case if you are planning to buy or sell a used electronic device. This will help to reduce e-waste to a certain extent.
  • Donate to Others – Some people buy new electronic gadgets just because of their fondness for the latest technology. In such cases, it is always better to donate the old gadget to someone you know or who is in real need of such a device. This will be helpful for others and will also help to manage e-waste effectively.
  • Give your Device to an E-Waste Recycler – In case if you are not aware, many certified e-waste recyclers are available in the market today. They will help you manage the e-waste by recycling them safely without causing any pollution to the environment. This is considered as one of the best methods to deal with the e-waste.
  • Exchange Policies – Nowadays, a lot of companies give exchange offers to their clients. Using this offer you can get a new device by exchanging your old one. This will not only help to manage e-waste but also will help to save your money.
  • Use as a Navigator – Why do you always throw away your old mobile phones? Even if you have a new gadget, you can still use the old one as a GPS navigator. Old phones can also be used as a music player, remote controller, etc. Try to make use of your old mobile devices rather than throwing them away and creating pollution.
  • Use Online Storage Device – The yet another method to manage e-waste is by reducing the use of hard drives and other devices for storing your data. Try using Google Drive or iDrive instead of using these devices. Online storage is considered as the best method to save your data safely.

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To be precise, we contribute a lot to environmental pollution in the form of e-waste. If we are ready to learn and teach others how to manage these waste products effectively, it is possible to reduce environmental pollution to a certain extent. There are a number of ways to manage these wastes effectively. If you can spend a few hours, all these electronic wastes can be disposed of safely and effectively without causing any danger to any of the living beings.

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