Essay on positive and negative effects of cars

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Life without cars is difficult to imagine as it is one of the most widely accepted form of transportation. When the word “car” is spoken, we often imagine a wheeled road vehicle that typically has an internal combustion engine and carries a small number of people. Cars have proven to be extremely helpful in helping us navigate rocky terrains and through horrendous weather conditions.

free essay on effects of cars

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At present, a huge variety of cars are variable for the potential owners to pick from. They come in every possible color – black, white, pink, red, yellow, blue, green, etc – and have air conditioners. From Hatchbacks to sedans, all are available in a wide range of prices. Even fuel efficient cars are hitting the markets. However, even these marvels have their downsides. Let’s explore them in detail.

Positive Effects of Cars

Henry Ford is the one who is congratulated on his successful production of efficient cars. But apart from being useful, cars are also a necessity in this world.

To say that cars are comfortable would be just. With plush seats and temperature controls, cars an amazing way to transport yourself a few miles. Auto transmission modes have made it easier for people to drive cars. Equipped with radios, monitors, GPS and ample space, cars provide an option better than antique wagons. Nowadays, cars are used to identify the owner’s characteristics. Echoing Alexandra Paul, “The cars we drive say a lot about us”. They also help us cut our travel time. We can now travel longer distances in shorter time spans, all in a temperature controlled environment.

Local merchandise can be transported easily now. Carrying luggage is hassle free now, thanks to cars. Cars play a very important role in transportation of goods. Perishable goods can be transferred from one place to another safely. When fast medical aid is of utmost importance, cars can play a mighty role.

Cars have not only instilled a sense of independence in people but also created job opportunities. Production and manufacturing of cars requires skilled and unskilled laborers alike. Also, if you own a car, there are companies ready to pay you in exchange of cab services. (Example: Uber). Unemployment is fast disappearing for people who really want to work.

Cars are also a medium for artists to showcase their work. The sheer beauty of the modern structures of cars is breathtaking, at times. The sleek exteriors are sometimes exchanged for vibrant works by artists.

Negative Effects of Cars

The numbers of cars on the street are increasing day by day, congesting the space available. Apart from eating up space, cars are causing a lot of air and noise pollution. Since these vehicles depend on combustion engines, they are fuelled by deflagration of gasoline. This releases large amounts of carbon dioxide in the air – a major greenhouse gas. An increase in the level of carbon dioxide in air is leading to the phenomenon of “global warming”, causing the ice caps to melt and the sea levels to rise. Apart from global warming, the high level of pollutants in the air is also causing humans to suffer from diseases such as chronic bronchitis and asthma. Smoke emission is another tragic story.

Release of toxic lead from the vehicles lessens the production of red blood cells in humans, leading to a condition known as anemia. Long hours of exposure to lead are known to cause blood cancer. Benzene, another gas released by deflagration of gasoline, is known to cause leukemia. The high level of toxicity due to burning of fossil fuels in vehicles effect the human metabolism.

Other acidic gases like sulphur dioxides and nitrogen compounds rise up in their air and come down in the form of acid rain, mixing with water bodies and harming aquatic life.

Hybrid cars are trying to fight the pollution situation by using lower emission engines. However, these cars are a lot more expensive compared to gasoline cars. They may solve the aforementioned problems if their efficiency is increased and their prices are brought down.

The rise in number of cars also leads to accidents. Pedestrians are run down by careless drivers often. Drunk drivers cause loss to themselves as well as others on the streets. Accidents due to bad traffic management and rash driving are a common occurrence nowadays. Traffic rules are seldom followed. Availability of sports cars is another terrifying factor for the safety of people on road. Apart from humans, property and animals are also the victims of these mishaps.

Cars are one of the beautiful inventions of man. But with roses come thorns, similarly cars have their cons.

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