Essay on Effects of Google on Education

Free 650 words essay on Effects of Google on Education  for school and college students

The advent of Google search engine is considered as the most revolutionary online platform in the history of not just Internet, but the entire mankind. Almost any step on the World Wide Web has direct or indirect connections or presence on the Google search engine. The scale and magnitude of Google’s ubiquity is simply unfathomable. Every single object or piece of information existing on planet Earth has been virtually noted somewhere and is accessible through the Google search engine. Although its parent company Alphabet is involved in innumerable other ventures and verticals, the power of Google is unquantifiable and indescribable.

Free Essay on Effects of Google on Education

As the Information Technology and Communication started reaching the masses through the means of Internet and mobile or computer systems, life became easier and the world seemed smaller. One begins learning about Internet through Google which is synonymous to world’s biggest encyclopedia. It has absolutely transformed the entire functional and operational aspects of work culture as well as education. Google has information about anything and everything. It works through algorithmic computations where the keywords searched are matched with the existing database. Google’s database is colossal and its data centers gigantic.

Although the flow of information, navigation, travel, research, and other important facets of existence have been made better and accessible, there are certain issues related to the Google search engine. The most prominent among them is education. It is true that the mere existence of Google has made people complacent, dependent, and lazier than their ancestors. Since every and any kind of information is available online at the click of a button, young students have virtually stopped getting engrossed in books. Hitherto the practice of extensive textual education was necessary and irreplaceable. However, nowadays almost every homework or assignment is completed by the help of Google. This narrows down the knowledge domain of students, limits their cognitive and analytical capabilities, and diminishes the value of a full-fledged academic education.

Further undermining the spirit of education is the lack of research. These days any task which would have been impossible to even speculate previously has become immensely common. Even the research scholars are making more use of online available materials and less of important textbooks. Such research is flawed, unreliable, and deeply unrealistic. Education cannot be subordinated to anything, as it adds meaning to life, and offers a life of dignity. Google search engine pursuit has spread like a wildfire, with almost every mobile or computer user has made use of it more frequently than anything else.

The trend of books and magazines have almost faded. With a large population using smartphones, information dissemination as well as information collection has become easier in the robust data infrastructure. Hence, people have started shying away from regular magazines and important books. This simply implies to the degeneration in quality of the entire education system. Students are seen more on computer screens looking for shortcut solutions, and less in libraries, the temple of knowledge. Such form of learning is pathetically redundant and non-remunerative at any stage. Education implies the entire gamut of learning process where incremental steps are taken for students, so that they discover every nuance, appreciate knowledge, and stay curious about more. Mere copying and pasting information from one place to another is absolutely condemnable. However, the truth of the situation is that this has now become the trend and a habit.

Certain educational institutions have censored the use of Internet for research purposes, however, that deterrence is apparently not enough. Education is the building block of a civilization and humanity. Unless it is fed the right thing, it stays raw and useless. No matter how easy our lives and learning methodology are made through the Google search engine, it should never come in between the road to academic prosperity. Textbooks were and shall remain as masters of knowledge in many days to come.

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