Essay on Positive and Negative Effects of Laptops on Students

Free 520 words essay on positive and negative effects of laptops on students for school and college students.

All the advancements in technology that have been taking place recently are known to contribute a great deal to the quality education. In terms of education, we can talk about various smart classrooms, simple or high-end computers/laptops, audio and visual gadgets, all of which collectively chips into way of providing quality education. However, these technical beauties have a bad side too. Let us dive in more deeply into the ‘How?’.

free essay on Effects of laptops on students

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Positive Effects of laptops on students :

Talking about the positive effects of laptops on students, the following points can be easily observed.

  • Laptops provide easy connectivity to internet via wide range of browsers. This helps students in instantly searching for educational stuff on the internet without waiting for physical study materials.
  • Laptops are usually portable computer devices. Because of their portability, the student can carry it anywhere he wants. For example, school/college/coffee shop. Learning and studying via laptop doesn’t stop.
  • Using personalised software for windows, the student can install the ones needed for his education and practice self-study or self-teaching in the most convenient way possible.
  • Visual education is one of the most successful teaching way today. Using the huge number of videos and study material posted on the internet today, the student can put all of that to good use with the help of a laptop.
  • Laptops are a great way to promote practical learning and knowledge in the students. For computer programming, laptops today are equipped with enough features to help the students learn and practice a programming language easily.

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Negative Effects of laptops on students :

Some of the present technical advancements of today can be seem to have various negative effects on the students. Some negative effects of these laptops on the students are mentioned as follows.

  • Despite the fact that laptop helps in making the study procedure more efficient, sometimes, students are seen to waste a lot of time on laptops for non-study stuff. This has a negative effect on their ability to manage time and learn.
  • Some students use laptops for video games or watching movies all the time. By doing this, they kill their time which could be used for valuable learning.
  • Due to prolonged exposure of eyes to the laptop screen, the student’s visual ability can degrade which is a negative effect on student’s health.
  • Due to the use of a laptop, students tend to stay indoors and ditch all the outdoor games. Playing outside promotes in well-being of the body as a whole. However, the use of a laptop hinders in this process and adds to the negative factor.
  • A laptop makes the social media easily accessible which is clearly the most trending thing today. But students tend to waste a lot of their time on social media platforms which directly affects their study routine and learning abilities.

Despite the negative effects of laptops, some simple and easy measures can be adopted to overcome these negative effects of laptops on students. Just controlling the too much use of a laptop for anything will help in highlighting only its good and beneficial points. All you need to do is not to take anything to an excess.

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