Essay on Positive and Negative effects of Technology at work place

Free 770 words essay on positive and negative effects of technology at work place for school and college students.

Technology has radically changed the ways we eat, transport, communicate and live. Its effects can be seen everywhere, from our homes to our workplaces. Computers and tablets, social networking, virtual meeting, etc has made the world a better place. Research is touching the sky aided with amazing, efficient gadgets and tools. But just as medicines are potential poisons, technology is as much a weapon as a tool. It has its own ill effects.

free essay on effects of Technology at work place

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Positive effects  of technology at work place

With betterment of technology, communication has reached new heights. Due to video conferencing provisions and messaging services people at different locations can interact easily. Different departments can use data sharing facilities to ease their workload.

Technology also encourages brainstorming. Several companies reward their employees on coming up with newer and better tech tools to make work easy. Innovation and creativity is in air aided by the ever growing technology! The work of Human Resource Managers have reduces a lot due to the benefits of technology. Posting advertisements on the internet and reaching a global audience have never been easier. Screening, recruiting and hiring has become much easier now.

Time is money, and technology saves time! The automation of processes such as scanning, data transfer, data management etc have increased efficiency and reduced time usage. Use of internal networks has helped in device sharing as well. Printers, scanners, etc are now being shared amongst a number of computers within a workplace.

Mobility is another plus point of computers and internet. Now employees can have a hold on their work even from home, courtesy the internet. It’s hard to miss a meeting when certain video conferencing units are at place. Field workers now have access to real time work order information. All this was unimaginable a few generations ago. Human errors have been curbed to a certain extent as well.

Negative effects of technology at work place


In the latter part of the 18th century, when industrial revolution was in full swing, a lot of people lost their jobs. Currently, this remains the biggest negative impact of technology at workplace. Industrialists prefer machines that can perform job with complete accuracy without time restrains over humans. Unemployment has increased by leaps and bounds due to this attitude.

Work and personal life are now divided by a very thin, almost non existing line. Emails, pagers, phone calls etc have influenced our lives such that now one must be careful about one’s boss’s call 24/7. The average working hours have increased.

Privacy is another key issue. With ID cards and monitoring cameras all around, the mutual employee employer trust is almost non existing. It has become very easy for an employer to tab his employee and know everything about him/her, right down to his private life. This makes the employee vulnerable, polluting the healthy office environment. Work place relationships are also destroyed due to decrease in face to face communication between employees. Social networking applications have destroyed general etiquettes in the society. Employees feel disconnected with their superiors and peers.

Vital databases and client information is now at computers mercy. A mere hacker or a power outage can cause several issues to a company now. Security is an aspect where technology has always let us down.

Stress and depression is also on rise. Older workers may find it very annoying or difficult to get used to technology and its hassles. This has led to a lot stress that means bad health. Computers and phones are also a means of distraction for workers that lead to low productivity on the human’s side.

With increased exposure to screens and harmful radiations, eyesight problems have grown over the decade. Also, heart related issues have been on a rise. Health officials claim that exposure to gadgets cause anxiety that leads to anxiety disorders and breakdowns. Health issues have been prominent amongst workers having close proximity with advanced tools and gadgets.

The maintenance cost of these computers and other machinery have increased, forcing employers to expand their budgets. With rise in technology, employees are becoming lazier by the day. Who’d want to whack their heads about if the computers doing the job for you?  As Mark Kennedy puts it,

“All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.”


No doubts technology has made some major breakthroughs possible, but it has also ruined some old world etiquettes. It sure has shrunk the world, but it has made us grow further away. But then, as Edison says, “Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.”

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