Essay on Global Warming-The Eternal Menace with Quotes

Global Warming-The Eternal Menace

706 words Essay on Global Warming with Quotes

Rising levels of greenhouse gases” in a 2008 NASA article, Global warming has been a constant reason for worry for scientists throughout the world. Global warming happens when carbon dioxide and other such emissions and greenhouse gases accumulate in the air and start absorbing the solar radiation that has radiated off the surface of the earth. Usually, this radiation would have made its way into space, however, these pollutants, which stay for years in the air, cause the earth’s atmosphere to get thicker, and lock in the heat, thus causing the planet to get warmer every day.

Essay on Global Warming-The Eternal Menace

Wide-scale deforestation, industrial emissions and the human expansion of the greenhouse effect are considered to be the main causes of global warming. The main greenhouse gasses are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor. Defined by Erik M. Conway as “The increase in Earth’s average surface temperature due to While all of these gasses are found naturally in our atmosphere, human sources of emission have taken their levels to a point that is no longer sustainable. Coal-burning power plants, transportation, and electricity sectors are considered to be the biggest polluters of the environment.

“We simply must do everything we can in our power to slow down global warming before it is too late…the science is clear. The global warming debate is over.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger. If global warming was to continue, the world would be in grave danger, and we would be running the risk of extinction of the entire mankind as we know it.

A major consequence of this menace occurring due to the greenhouse effect is the increase in sea level. Melting of glaciers and the polar ice sheets are a major consequence. Many coastal towns and cities may be sunken under water. Many islands (of the likes of peninsular India) may completely vanish from the surface of the earth as well as the map of the world.

Problems related to the availability of water are also expected to be a cause of much concern in the upcoming decades. With the change in sea level, the water balance is most likely to be disrupted, causing a severe deficiency of water in some areas, and heavy flooding in others. Habitats (like coral reefs) being disrupted, could become the reason for many plant and animal species to become extinct. Also, changes in agricultural patterns and effect on ecosystems are becoming increasingly unpredictable, with the unnatural heating up of the planet’s atmosphere.

Human health is also put in jeopardy because of the problem of global warming. Recently, there have been numerous reports of many tropical diseases spreading with the change in the climate. As the earth gets hotter, more people will become susceptible to tropical diseases.

Global warming can be subdued to an extent, by minimizing the emissions of the harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. We should all join hands in making efforts to minimize emissions in our own ways, and also to safeguard our Earth from the harmful killing effects of the menace of global warming.

Reduced reliance on thermal power for our need of electricity would help in reducing the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The combustion and use of fossil fuels for the generation of energy are major sources of greenhouse gasses.

Landfills are another major contributor to the pollution, releasing toxic greenhouse gasses when the waste is burnt.  We should reduce waste, make an effort to reuse and recycle whatever we can, like paper. By keeping important documents in a hassle-free, electronic format, and by refraining from printing our emails, we can save a lot of paper.

We should be planting more trees, instead of cutting them down. Trees release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, and thus help in reducing global warming.

Using energy-efficient products like solar batteries and panels can help us save energy, and also reduce our carbon footprint. Also, using less heat and air conditioning, changing regular CFL bulbs with LED bulbs and driving less are major contributions we all could make to help save our planet.

Share information about recycling and energy conservation with your friends, neighbors and co-workers, and take opportunities to encourage everyone to abide by policies that are good for the environment.


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