Essay on Mother Teresa Life – the Angel in Human Form

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The only image that appears in our mind when we think of an inspiring personality who devoted her entire life for the ailing and poor is Mother Teresa. She was a normal human being like us yet managed to become the saint of Kolkata by serving selflessly.

Her early life story

 Essay on Mother Teresa Life

She was born in Skopje, Albania in the year 1919 on 26th August. Her name was Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She was raised as a Catholic as her mother was a pious lady. When he father passed away, she was just eight years old. The incident left her shocked. Her family felt a lot of financial problems but her mother managed to bring up all the siblings with care and affection. She became very close to her pious mother and imbibed the religious attitude from her influence. As days passed by, a strong commitment towards charity developed in young Agnes’ mind. She got involved in the Sacred Heart’s Jesuit parish.

Her life as a nun

When she was 18, she realized that the world is full of pain. She wanted to serve the grieving people and became a nun. She left home and reached the platform where Sisters of Loreto served. She earned the name Sister Mary Teresa. She traveled and reached India in the year 1929. She started teaching at the St. Teresa School, Darjeeling and learned the local tongue, Bengali.

In the year 1931, she took vows and came to Loreto Entally, Kolkata and started teaching at St. Mary’s School. After 6 years, she vowed the Final profession and got the name that the whole world recognizes, Mother Teresa. In 1944 she became the principal of the school and dedicatedly taught the students there. The people started to feel her compassion and love towards them. She taught with diligence and was greatly grieved seeing the extent of poverty in the contemporary India.

Being the loving Mother

According to her, she felt a call within a call that the Almighty is asking her to serve the poorest and dedicate her entire life to them. September 10 in the year 1946 saw the ultimate transformation of the angel in human form. Following the divine call, she constructed a community of religious ladies, Missionaries of Charity Sisters. The members of this community will totally dedicate their life to working for the poorest in the slum and downtrodden areas of Calcutta. In 1948, Archbishop Ferdinand Perier approved the construction of community. She changed her entire outlook and took the iconic attire of a blue bordered white cotton saree and left the school where she worked for two decades.

After prolonged service, the community became a recognized and significant congregation. The financial aids came flowing in from across the world. She made her remarkable contributions to the world and returned to her home country, Albania in 1991 to open a branch of the Charity congregation. She quoted ‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them.’ she was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace in 1979. She left us on 5th September 1997. Her pristine appearance and golden words ‘Peace begins with a smile’ always bring hope among the despairs. On september4th, 2016, Pope Francis canonized her as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.


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