Essay on Importance of technology in health care -Tech impact on health care

Free 517 words Essay on Importance of technology in health care – Technology Impact on Health Care

The word technology is omnipresent in today’s context. Technology exists almost in every aspect of life surrounding us like air that is around us. We have reached a stage today where we cannot imagine a life without technology. Technology has made our life interesting easing out many aspects that were posing an issue to our earlier generation. Despite technological advancements, health is an area that still causes huge concern to many. Intervention of technology in health care can bring down these concerns to a great extent. We will look at the importance of technology in health care in the following paragraphs.

Importance of technology in health care

Technological advancements in Medical field are absolute necessities. Such advancements can help the Medical Professionals monitor the heartbeats of patients, track their blood pressure levels every moment, study about the brain waves, body temperature, blood glucose levels and the levels of oxygen in the blood etc. from remote locations. All this means digitizing human beings who are suffering from varied ailments

Intervention of Technology in Healthcare helps achieving many crucial purposes. Technology enables end to end comprehension of significant information pertaining to the health of patients which in turn enables the Medical fraternity to provide personalized care. Patient care is reaching new heights through the merging of the traditional methods with assessments made using modern technological advancements like biosensors and imaging and genome sequencing.

Technological advancements enable the Medical Professionals provide a hygienic and astonishing hospital facility that are highly modern and sophisticated in nature. They also help surgery simulation through which many aspirant surgeons learn to do surgeries that are done real time while still being away from the location. Lab Tests is another area which has undergone huge change due to the technological advancements in the medical field. While the concept of DNA implantation emerged as early as the early 90’s, Mitochondrial DNA Transfer is a dream come true today purely because of these technological advancements.

Patients who search for alternative treatment options is highly benefited through the cloud based data sharing which helps the Doctors refer the patients for suitable treatments and Medical specialists. The earlier practice where patients avoided visiting the Doctor they are being referred to caused loss of health care to the patients and loss of commercials to the medical industry. Referral through cloud removes such occurrences.

Technological intervention in health care is advancing every passing day. More and more Medical Professionals confidently depend on the output that is provided by these technological equipment’s remaining at remote locations. Such technological innovations provide high utility value while still being highly economical.

The major areas in which these advancements are expected to contribute in the future are maintenance of patient’s record on electronic media and exchanging of health related information between the Medical fraternities. Doctors will be able to access patients’ records from remote locations which will in turn provide value added health care to them during all points of time. Let us witness every development in the Medical field with the hope that such technological developments will add more and more value to human lives.

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