Essay on Rights and Responsibilities of Indian Citizens

Free 510 words Essay on Rights and Responsibilities of Indian Citizens

Rights and responsibilities are inseparable. When someone is loaded with responsibilities, it is obvious that they are bestowed with enough rights which enable them perform their responsibilities. Irrespective of our age and the place we reside in, all of us are loaded with innumerable responsibilities in the different roles we play on a day to day basis. The one role that all of us play in common is that of a good citizen. As explained earlier, being a citizen has its own set of responsibilities. Let us look at some of the rights and responsibilities of a good citizen.

Essay on Rights and Responsibilities of Indian Citizens

  1. The fundamental rights of Indian citizens have been enumerated in Part III of Indian Constitution. It provides many rights to Indian citizens.


  1. Some of the civil rights, which are also referred to as Fundamental Rights are enlisted below
  • Religious Rights
  • Personal Rights
  • Economic Rights
  • Social Rights
  • Political Rights
  • Moral Rights


Good citizens have many duties to be performed towards the nation. We will look at some of them in the following paragraphs


Duties of a good Citizen


  • To safeguard the integrity and unity of India at all points of time
  • To work hard and focus on individual and collective improvement so that the country develops in a rapid manner
  • To keep away from violent at all points of time and protect the public property
  • To be humanistic in approach with a scientific temperament which would enable reforms on many areas
  • To be conservative and protective towards natural resources of the country like Wildlife, Lakes, Forests and Rivers.
  • To preserve the abundantly rich Indian culture and heritage and value them to the extent they deserve
  • To be matured enough to maintain the spirit of brotherhood and create harmony among all around irrespective of cast, creed, color and financial status
  • To render required services to the country when required to defend the same from destructive hands
  • To follow the ideals and respect the values that has been passed on to us through Indian Freedom struggle
  • To respect our national resources including our National Anthem and National Flag and be ready to even give our lives


All the above mentioned right and duties are strictly official. It is inevitable for every good citizen to understand that the responsibilities and rights that these responsibilities bestow on him are based on moral values. Good citizens must act in a morally responsible manner. They have to abide to all the legalities insisted by the Legal System in India. As much as we will not cause any harm to ourselves at any point of time, we must ensure that we protect our country where we reside with the same spirit.


When we start doing each of our responsibilities in a perfect manner, the society as a whole will remain highly reformed. This will automatically lift the country up by many levels across all aspects, making it a super power among the world countries

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