Essay on Terrorism -All You Need To Know About Terrorism

Free 511 words Essay on Terrorism All You Need To Know About for school and college students.

There is no denial to the fact that terrorism has created a thought of fear in the mind of thousands of people. It is equally true that people are not only dying but have become enemies of each other. Right from kids till senior citizens no one is spared from this brutal killing and dominance. In every corner of the world, the threat of terrorism has increased to a great extent. Though there are many top security services and government agencies who are coming up with some good thoughts to protect the world but still to eradicate terrorism from the root will certainly take time. Today, unfortunately, children are being educated about terrorism and how to fight against it as this situation can occur anytime and anywhere.

Essay on Terrorism

Know More About Terrorism:

There is no proper definition of it. But if you take a look at an essay of terrorism with quotes that have been written by many experts, you will understand that the term is quite huge and have a lot of hidden history stored behind. It is equally true that people with political behavior try to use it as a part of their growth in the political career. This has lead to nothing but more disguise situation for the middleman. People across the world are actually seeking for the help and trying to unite with each other against this harsh terrorism. Being an irrational and political act, this needs to be stopped somewhere and for this people needs to stand by each other.

History of Terrorism That You Might Want To Know:

The first every recorded act of terrorism or say the presence of terrorist was noticed in the year 1795. If you take a closer look over the past few incidences that had happened over the years, world trade center was one of the highly noted one. It is a kind of anti-government activities which is associated with the reign of terror that is initiated by much government of other countries itself. Generally, such organizations are secretive in nature and have no clear reason or opponent to defend or fight. It is never predictable on what situation will happen next and that is why this situation has become more alarming nowadays.

If you take a look at the essays on terrorism with some quotes, most of them are written with negative reviews and comments. It is also being told to students as a part of a project to come up with some real sources that would contribute to making a good change in the nation or countries protective measures.

It is necessary to create the right measures and make people aware of the increasing nature of this violent act. More protective measures and better security system needs to be inculcated. Use of latest technology should be brought and restrictions on suicide bombings and ammunitions need to be made. Then only a small step can be noticed in a bigger and better way and let the people survive without any hassle.

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