Essay On Vision Of P.M. Narendra Modi

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Mr. Narendra Modi is one of the most dynamic and prolific leaders India ever had and under his vision there is a new wave of development taking place in India. He is not only one of the best political leader but a visionary, to evolve and develop India as country. His vision for India is rapid transformation and not gradual evolution. His idea is transformation through right governance, through transformation of mindset and cultivating positive ideas. With the wave of demonetisation he created a phenomenal impact on the country’s black money problem. He has shared his vision for developing India into one of the most powerful nation.

Essay on Vision Of P.M. Narendra Modi

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Elimination of Poverty and economic Development

Modi has strong ideas and intentions for developing the economy of the county by reducing poverty and uplifting the poor. It is one of the major goals set by Modi and it all started with educating people of importance of opening bank accounts. Under his “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna” poor and underprivileged people even in the remote places were educated about opening bank account. Zero balance accounts were opened for many people. The wave of demonetisation is the biggest example of his vision towards economic development of the country. The demonetisation wave helped in curbing lot of black money and encouraged call for economic balance.

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Cleaner India Vision

Under his “Bharat Swachh Abhiyan”, cleanliness campaigns were promoted and encouraged everyone to help India make clean country. For the campaign, certain amount of tax is also deducted from salary of people to ensure better and cleaner India. The vision to clean India and all the campaigns run was in an effort to make India beautiful as country and a beautiful tourist destination.

Gender Equality and Education

Under his”Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao” campaign, his vision was directed towards gender equality and campaigns were conducted to preach parents importance of education for girl Child. In an effort to curb foeticide and encourage their education, many provisions in terms of financial aid were developed. With this vision he embarked on a journey to preach citizens of the country about Gender Equality.

India against Corruption

Many strict rules and laws were made to curb the issue of corruption in the country. In an attempt to control corruption, many senior officials were suspended based on allegations and charges of corruption. Many campaigns were run to ensure transparency in rules and regulations and strict action was taken any found to be guilty of corruption.

Vision for youth employment

Unemployment remains to be one of the biggest for alarming crime rates in India but with increase emphasis on industrialisation, there is increase in employment for youth. One of the visions set by PM Modi for India is to help youth of the country with employment by teaching them skills required for work. Women are also encouraged to start their own work by providing financial aids to them.

Narendra Modi is undoubtedly one of the best PM India has ever witnessed. With visions set for New Age India, the chances of seeing India as developed country will tremendously increase in the coming years.

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