Essay on positive and negative impact of climate change

Free 521 words Essay on Positive and negative impact of climate change for school and college students.

Climate change has brought both the positive and the negative effects on the country and it is expected to continue for years.  This is not a blind assumption; it is the result of predictions that is going on round from quite some time.

Essay on positive and negative impact of climate change

Let us understand what exactly is Climate change?

Yes, Global Warming and climate change is one and the same thing. Global warming is a situation where the Earth’s surface temperature rises to a level above an average value. As per scientists, Climate change is nothing but the results of human activity that uses fossil fuel releasing CO2 and many other greenhouse gasses in the air. Such gasses affect ecosystem by heating the atmosphere and rising the surface temperature.

Let us look at the benefits or we say positive impact of climate change in brief:

  • Few people die of heavy cold during the winter season.
  • Energy cost has reduced to a considerable level
  • Improvement in Agriculture sector
  • Drought reduction
  • Cultural diversity

There are both positive and negative impacts of climate change on the economy and ecology, humanity and financial status of the country.

If we consider impacts on all of these sectors in details, the overall result would definitely be positive. As per latest reports, the same thing will continue to happen till we reach the year 2080.

  • Climate change has improved society
  • Human welfare
  • Expected Global economy rate for the year 2025, 1.5% which is 1.4% as of now.
  • Climate change is one of the means of survival for some people whose life culture depends on the weatherly changes.

The most significant positive impact of climate change is not because of the temperature change but the change that comes from carbon dioxide itself.

What Carbon dioxide is an essential part of our life?

To some people, Carbon dioxide means pollution, but it is actually not.

Carbon dioxide is a kind of raw material that is absorbed by the plants to create carbohydrates and then proteins and fatty substances.

Carbon dioxide is available in scarce quantity in air. You must have studied the percentage of CO2 in air that is just 0.04% or less than that. Trees and small plants have to struggle a lot to get CO2 for their living.

What should you do to fight climatic change?

  • Building wind turbines
  • Using wood instead of coal
  • Installing bio-plants to save natural resources

All of these policies have been especially designed to save industries and human life from unexpected climate changes.

Negative effect of such policies or Negative Impact of Climate change

In order to fight climate change, policies are meant to tackle unexpected disturbances of nature. But these policies have impacted human life in one or the other way:

  • Increased market competition
  • Increased food prices
  • Cutting of forests.
  • Migration of animals to places that suit their body and living nature.
  • Bird killing for survival of the fittest

Such type of harms is short-lived and can be ignored seeing the positive impact on the country.

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15 Responses

  1. Tammy Lundberg says:

    In the 1970s it was global cooling and the coming ice age. We should already be frozen solid. When that didn’t happen, they changed the terminology to global warming. When that didn’t work out either, they went with the all encompassing climate change. See the pattern? Now follow the money.

  2. Alexis Bravo says:

    You do realise that a Republican strategist named Frank coined the term “climate change”

    Because it didn’t sound as scary as global warming. But yeah, the liberal media is out here starting stuff.

  3. Garrett Lucas says:

    The earth is fixing to freeze cause we’re overdue for an ice age. The earth is heating up at an unnatural rate and its too hot. Make up your mind “climate change” is called weather the earth will naturally change its climate over the years in some ways itll take longer in others itll take not that long. NASA says this other scientists say that. Just like all scientists they truly dont know whats what cause they havent studied it long enough. The earths axis is ,very slowly, changing. Our moon is slowly drifting away. Our own magnetic field is changing slowly. Go do some research on some actual scientists who THINK that this might happen based on their findings and they still arent a hundred percent sure. So this climate change… called weather. Because no one really knows whats gonna happen to the earths climate cause we havent been here long enough to see any real affects. If a scientist actually says he knows whats gonna happen with the weather youre an idiot to believe him. They cant even accurately tell you if its gonna rain but youll believe them if they tell the world is gonna burn up.

  4. Roballey says:

    In 1977 we were supposed to be headed into the next ice age. When, 40 years into the future. You see, people forget predictions that happened 40 years ago.

  5. Alice Lord says:

    The world turns.. The weather has four seasons… Get over it… Want to clean up the world.. Try recycle.. Pick up your trash.. But climate change is a way to suck money from normal citizen’s into the pockets of those rich people flying around in those big Jets to their meetings.

    • Chris Ebey says:

      Alice Lord Maybe they have those big fancy jets because they are smart. Climate change is science, not politics. It is as debatable as the law of gravity. Please stick to farming and leave issues like these to intelligent people.

  6. Jordan Lucas says:

    Increased severity of tropical storms, desertification agricultural land, rising sea temperatures, rising sea levels, positive feedback loops regarding loss of ice, therefore albedo, consequently increased temperatures.

    Let’s look at methods used to determine climate change in a historical context? Climate proxies such as tree rings and ice cores confirm anthropogenic influence, is increasing carbon emissions directly correlated with the industrial revolution? Yes.

    People claim climate change is natural, which to an extent is true. The problem comes with the accelerating co2 emissions, you’re basically pressing the fast forward button on the next extinction event, which would have occurred naturally after 1000s of years of slowly building atmospheric gases.

    Global food, water and properties are all at risk here. If you don’t take this seriously you’re doing your future family a great disservice in the name of ignorance and paranoia.

  7. Jordan says:

    The argument that beats these kinds of skeptics doesn’t revolve around climate change, they can deny that in their own minds. Instead I find questioning why investing in renewable energies such as wind, solar and hydro which could be supplemented by nuclear power is such a bad thing?

    What’s so bad about green energy? People claim their government is using it as a scam to tax oil prices and services, so why not supplement your own home with renewables like solar panels? Relatively cheap, they pay themselves of over the course of a year or two, and if this was developed on a national scale, you could eventually end up selling excess energy back to the government through a national power grid. It’s being done in locations around the world.

    The people that argue religion as a counter to climate are the kinds of people you shouldn’t waste your time on.

  8. Chris says:

    the climate has been “changing” for millions of years before mankind ever walked on the earth. Only progressive douche bags are stupid enough to think mankind will ever have a lasting effect on the earth.

  9. Alex Browning says:

    the week before, mass terror on the streets and we are still struggling on a solution to deal with terrorists, then the WORLD comes to an agreement (in the same city of the attack) on dealing with a climate which we really have no control over. Talk about priorities out of whack. Thousands more people dying as a direct result of mindless bullies, in months or a couple of years. Or the earth dying in a thousand years due to populations living a good quality of life.

    • Gillian Fisher says:

      Climate change is a much bigger threat to humanity and within our lifetime too

    • Mario Rossi says:

      Some will make a lot of money out of this “deal” and they care less about Nature and the useful idiots following them blindly or anything else.

    • Linda Klabacha says:

      Since we caused global warning, how are we not able to stop it? 80 people died in the Paris terrorist attack. Do you know we have a “Paris” attack every 2 days by people with guns? Children, 6 month old infants. And you’re afraid of terrorists? We have our own home grown ones. Read the facts.

    • Alex Symonds says:

      1000 years? Actually, we’re looking at 40. If the southern polar icecaps melt and the largest glaciers on Greenland fully melt, then the world map will have to be redrawn. A lot of America would be engulfed with water, England is screwed.

    • David Liao says:

      Or maybe human beings are able to handle more than a problem at a time especially considering everything is already in motion regarding ISIS for years now?

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