Essay on Diwali (Deepavali ) – Short essay and speech on Diwali

Festival of lights, everything so bright,Ceaseless fun and everyone unite.

This is the most awaited and one of the biggest festivals of Hindu religion, Diwali which arrives in the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu calendar.

Diwali, also known as ‘ Deepawali’ ,this depicts row of diyas, everyone decorate their house with diyas and lamps. To lighten up their house they even use with varied and designed lights. Diwali is to celebrate the end of long 14 years of vanwas ( excile ) of Lord Ram, when he comes back to ayodhya after winning the war against Ravan and rescuing Goddess Sita.

The festival of Diwali is all about new clothes, lights, forgiveness and bringing new hope to life. Everyone forgets their past and start fresh from Diwali. It is called the festival of lights as it lightens up our life.

essay on diwali-happy diwali

Diwali is celebrated for five long days, the very first day is ‘Dhanteras’ a very auspicious day for everyone to buy gold ornaments and silver coins. According to a national report, on the day of Dhanteras India ranks first in the purchase of gold and the sales cross the amount of 33,000 crore Rupees.

The second day of Diwali is Roop chaudas also known as “Soundarya siddhi diwas”, on this day an individual should take bath from the uptan followed by a ritual of performing sadhna which is to gain beauty and magnetism. This is done for a person to make good about him/herself, the better you look, the better you feel and the level of confidence also rises ceaselessly.


Moving on towards the third day of Diwali, which is probably the main day when the goddess Lakhsmi is worshipped along with lord Krishna, everyone ask God to bless them with happiness and joy and then exchange sweets with all of their neighbors and near and dear ones. They light their whole house with diyas and the lamp at the balcony of their house and decorate their house.


The fourth day of Diwali has their own variations, every state celebrate it in their own way, the western ghats celebrate this day as ‘ Bestu Baras’ with great enthusiasm , as this is their new year as per as the Hindu calendar. Whereas in the Northern region this day is celebrated as “ Govardhan Pooja” also known as Vishwakarma day.  Where people are worshipping their arms, machinery and every instrument related to business, to bring prosperity to their business.


The 5th and the last day of Diwali, the day for the brothers and sisters to express their love, known as” Bhai Bheej” in the western region and “ Bhaiya Dooj “ in the northern, although named different the meaning doesn’t change. On this day all the sisters pray for their beloved brothers to excel in life and have a happy living.


So this five long day celebration ends with everyone uniting and forgiving for all old grudges and fights.This festival of lights not only lights your house but also bring light to your life.

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