Essay on Unwanted Pregnancy: Let’s see the old problem in a new way

Free 532 words essay on Unwanted Pregnancy: Let’s see the old problem in a new way for school and college students.

Gone are those days when unwanted pregnancy was one of amongst the top reasons of suicide for unwed females. Today the pink color brigade has turned bold and independent and now they take the things as they come. They are bold enough to make decisions and then stick to it.

Essay on Unwanted Pregnancy

What is Unwanted Pregnancy:-

It takes just a single sperm to enter and react with the ova of female fertility system to produce an egg, hence sometime people land into awkward situation of unwanted pregnancy. Sometime it is just a casual intercourse with your boyfriend and sometimes it is a unplanned event of sexual comfort with your husband. Be it anyways both of them lead to only one stage that is production of an egg which soon will convert into a baby.

Know that you are pregnant with an unplanned baby what options are you left with:-

Option 1: To terminate the pregnancy as soon as you can.

Option 2: Carry the pregnancy and then give your child for adoption

Option 3: Deliver the baby and raise him/her.

While these options may be easy to read through but to take any of the decision is really hard especially if you go for option 3 and is an unwed mother. The society has still not grown till a level that they accept the unwed mother easily and let her raise her child sole-handed. It becomes really tough for her to raise the baby all alone with the society pressurising and labelling her as characterless. Hence Option 1 is the most preferred option for most of the people who go through the unplanned pregnancy condition.

Terminating the unplanned pregnancy the medical way: –

There are three different ways to terminate the pregnancy in the current scenario.

When the pregnancy is less than 4 weeks: One can easily terminate such pregnancy through abortion pills which should be taken under proper medical guidance of a medical practitioner as failing to it can cause leave effect on further fertility and can also lead to hormonal problems. Sadly in our country these abortion pills are available over the counter because of which health concerns are raised.

When the pregnancy is > than 4 weeks but < 8 weeks: Gynaecologist prefer a surgical termination of pregnancy. This infect is the safest way as it takes 15-20 minutes for the surgery and upto 5 hour of hospitalization if a major health side effect is not foreseen.

When the pregnancy is > 8 weeks:  Then medical termination of pregnancy is the only option you are left with as it is done in proper observation and doctors ensure regular checkups once the procedure is completed. This sort of method can take upto an overnight stay in the hospital for a proper recovery and to foresee any medical complication for the mother in future.

As per Dr. Sangeeta Agarwal a leading Gynae in Mumbai one should ensure to see a psychologist once they take this big decision as the feeling of guilt is something which we cannot neglect as sometimes it had also caused deadly depression to the mother  or the parent.

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