Essay on Possibilities of world war 3 (some main reasons and its results)

Free 523 words Essay on Possibilities of world war 3 (some main reasons and its results) for school and college students.

The World War 3 has been a hypothetical name given to the worldwide military conflict subsequent to the first and second world wars. Now due the vast improvisation and development in nuclear weapons and their use at the end to world war two, there has been a concern about the potential devastation of life on earth. This possibility is termed as world war three.

Essay on Possibilities of world war 3

Also, there has been a strong possibility for this since sudden and surprising victory of Donald Trump, the new US President. It is certainly said to have got a kick off for this. Also, it seems Russia has something to do with it. This is because, Russia has been in strong and continuous conflicts with countries like Syria, Ukraine and Georgia. Also, Russia has unveiled its new nuclear missile Satan 2. This is supposed to be the most powerful nuclear warhead.

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Let us consider the aspect of why few countries may want this world war three to happen. Firstly those wanting to change the hierarchical and political structure of the world, may be benefited by this war. Also, China seems to be willing to replace US as the world’s leading power and may want to restructure the global economy and system by playing its strengths as the world leader.

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Also, China is said to have highly incredible anti-satellite capabilities. Also, Russia seems to be working on its strengths on weapons that may target the NATOs space systems. China Is also discussed to have stolen approximately 1.1 million fingerprints from the US which can lead to a major disaster and downfall of the US. This clearly indicates the world war 3 would involve very high level of cyber-attacks and cyber thefts. To add to this, Russia has already used this technique to damage their conflict communications with Ukraine.

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The places that may get affected the most or may initiate the world war 3 are, Korean Peninsula, Syria, Baltics and South Asia. The indication that Trump is a strong supporter for India as is against Pakistan, may trigger Pakistan in increasing its military forces and prepare for its own operations across the LOC (Line of Control).

The recent victory of Russia in Syria, has paved a way for the Assad regime to take the civil war to a new stage. The US had already declined to intervene in the Aleppo defense and preferred in concentrating on fighting against ISIS by concentrating its forces ion Iraq. The Obama administration had not contested Russia’s support for Assad and Trump administrations is believed to continue the same. This can also be a stimulant to the war.

The world war three will have huge impact on the whole structure and world economy. It is predicted that in the advent of world war 3, current regimes between Russia and China will break down completely and new but fair democratic governments will be formed. Also, they may have few provinces to work independently and few may be planned to merge with neighboring countries.

Finally again it’s a finger cross situation. Let us hope for the best.

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20 Responses

  1. Lambodar says:

    worldwar3 is not farther, we are already in it, as befr every war therez globalization Of conflict of nationalism &now Emerging

  2. Sotiris says:

    Trump in America, Kim in Korea, Putin in Russia. Let the game begin. worldwar3

  3. Achinta says:

    We do not want world war 3. We need propagation of human beings through respect of nature and their living diversity.

  4. Kaustav says:

    All The Common People of Any Country never wish of a War… They only Suffer. 1933,1945,1965,1971,1999 in All these Wars… Common people they r Who Became the Immigrants… Had left their house… Relatives… Neighbor… Only A Group Of People just to fulfill their Desire had created these Boundaries across Land and Left us To be suffered for generations… That’s the Truth!

  5. Oishi says:

    What a sadness matter . 3rd world war . What the heck is Russia going to start the 3rd world war against Turkey !!!!

  6. Sumit says:

    I don’t know what after 3 world war but I know the result of 4 world war all the humankind attack sticks and stones through each others

  7. Himanshu says:

    If china supports Pakistan.. definitely US and European union will support INDIA..also Russia will be neutral players because Russian weapons market is running only because of INDIA… is going to be WorldWar3

    • Rama says:

      I don’t agree. USA may not now as all their companies will be nationalised in China.

    • Chitra says:

      This time, it seems TERRORISTAN may be the cause of third world war wherein Terroristan and their supporting nations will get defeated very badly.

    • Sanjay says:

      No one is trustworthy only time will tell…

    • Umesh says:

      Nothing so is going to happen. No chance of escalation however low intensity conflict can take place. Finally if war is eminent China has to think twice to go wid Pak bcoz of his engagement on Eastern border. Best option for India is to ruin launching pads of terrorists which r in vicinity of our troops. Hot pursuit operation may also be undertaken. We should not go for surgical strikes it may lead to escalation

  8. Ravi says:

    With North Korea there n War in the middle east not taking any break…there is a possibility…jst need US or Russia to initiate…hope they don’t!

  9. Shovit says:

    World war 3 is already going.

  10. Ashish says:

    RUMORS OF WORLD WAR 3: North Korea Continues to Make Threats Against the US and Now is Capable of Launching Attack on Hawaii!

    • Randy says:

      North Korea has no credibility, Napoleon syndrome runs deep within this nation! Hopefully someone else will start war soon so there will be a credible country in this headline.

    • Michell says:

      Let us pray the people of this country will stand up to this maniac and put a stop to his lunacy. I’m sure he has told them they have the most powerful military and they have no idea he is a complete and total liar. China and Russia should cut ties with him.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Why are people still so crazy? When will unnecessary wars end? The unnecessary wars create necessary ones for others. Can’t we all just live in peace?

    • Jay says:

      The whole nation is under duress, the brainwashing that’s taken place is unheard of, and they worship Kim Jong Un like he’s God.
      What’s the best solution ?!

    • Terry says:

      Yeah because the last country to surprise attack Hawaii worked out real well for them in the end. What an idiot.

    • Paul says:

      North Korea couldn’t kick the crap out of its own underwear.

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