Essay on famous failures : Who teach us to never give up

Free 850 words essay on famous failures : Who teach us to never give up for school and college students.


Richards Gordon Elementary School in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has a five foot statue of Snoopy. The school is where Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the internationally famous cartoon peanuts, went. The story goes that the school yearbook rejected his cartoon of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the very characters that went on to make Schulz a household name in various countries across the globe.

Free Essay on famous failures

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Such, in fact, is the story of many a great man and woman who have made it big in the world despite, and probably because of, the fact that they had faced failure so early on in their career. Maybe that is what made them great, the fact that they learned from their mistakes and took rejection as a challenge to do better.

In this article, let us remember and honour those great people who continue to be an inspiration to us all.


We all use Apple and love it- well, most of us at least. For the uninitiated, Apple is a 2 billion dollar technology company that has given us such amazing products such as the iPhone and the MacBook Air. And Apple was founded by a certain Steve Jobs, only to be fired from his own company a few years later. But that did not get Steve down, and he continued to work and develop his skill in his passion: developing new technology. After a long career with Pixar and NeXT, Jobs was again called back as the CEO of his maiden venture, Apple.


The man who brought about a revolution by standing up for the rights of slaves and putting an end to the abominable custom of slavery was faced with more than his fair share of failures. In 1831, his business failed, and he was almost completely bankrupt. Life was harsh, and circumstances led him to suffering from a nervous breakdown. Things did not look up for him even after he recovered; the first Presidential election he ran was a complete debacle as far as his hopes of leading the country was concerned. But, as he himself admitted, life was not about being bogged down by failures, but about making something of them. He went on to become the American President, and the rest is history.


The woman who reintroduced an entire generation to reading and kept them hooked ever since became a phenomenon after she had experienced, in her own admittance, phenomenal success. After graduation, life was only going downhill; her marriage broke down at an accelerated pace, she did not have a job, and, needless to say, was living hand-to-mouth. Even when she struck the goldmine of an idea that is Harry Potter and his world of magic, things did not look up. She went from publisher to publisher with her manuscript, only to be told that there was no market for such stories. It was then that Bloomsbury, a publishing house about to go out of business, decided to take a shot at it, and published the first Harry Potter book. And history was made.


Elizabeth Blackwell was told that she had better chance as a man to get admission into a medical college.  Her application was summarily rejected by 29 colleges, simply because America in the mid 19th century did not quite deem women to be fit for medical training. Finally, she was accepted by the Geneva Medical College, current Hobart College, and that was purely a clerical error. She was the first female medical graduate in the US, and went on to establish the first all-girl medical college and provided internships to future female graduates, all the while juggling a fairly successful and competent practice.


For those who are not familiar with this giant of a filmmaker, Steven Spielberg is one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed directors of our time. His onscreen gems range from ET to Jurassic Park, and his eye for detail and vivid imagination captures the attention of even the most casual moviegoer. Strange it is to know, however, that he really does not have any formal training in filmmaking. He had tried to enroll in the USC filmmaking course, but was rejected both times he applied. His expertise and inherent genius was recognized by the university when they awarded him an honorary degree, and made him a trustee.


A hundred failures only mean that you have found a hundred ways of how not to do something. If you have failed in life once, that does not mean you will never turn your life back around. In our lives, we are beset by setbacks and failures all the time, and if we gave up at the very first time, not many of us would be where we are today. Revered personalities around the world- names that we whisper worshipfully and look up to as role models, are often the ones who have faced crippling failures in their lives. From rejection to life changing accidents, these people have battled and bested them all.


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