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The present sources of energy are killing the planet. The fossil fuel consumption has increased even though there is a finite supply and is expected to last only within next quarter of century. The concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases has reached dangerous levels in the atmosphere. Melting polar ice-caps, rising sea levels, erratic weather patterns, frequent devastating storms and disastrous seasonal changes are serious indications of the urgent need to reform the energy sources on planet earth. Sustainable and renewable energy is the energy of future and almost all responsible governments across the world have started customizing and streamlining the same in their regular energy budget. Several engineering developments in nanotechnology, biofuel, solar power, and wind efficiency has shown breakthroughs in energy development.

Free Essay on Future Resources of Energy

One of world’s biggest defense supplier Lockheed Martin has recently announced that it plans to build a truck-sized fusion reactor in the next decade. This technology would facilitate military and commercial vehicles to have their own reactors capable of giving virtual unlimited mobility. Even though there are challenges of planned availability, reliability, and structural integrity, researchers are pumping in capital and human investments to pursue fusion energy as a future source.

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Global energy demand is set to grow up to 33% by 2030. In case of solar energy, the global PV capacity has been increasing at an annual growth rate of more than 40% since the year 2000. There are innumerable benefits of going solar. It saves thousands of dollars and has low payback period. An alternative to the noxious fossil fuel emissions, solar energy is a secure investment which has guaranteed performance. An easy to install system, it creates a clean energy interdependence helping save the environment. The solar panels are electricity-generating structures that work through photoelectric effect. This increases countries’ energy security through reliance on an indigenous, inexhaustible, and import-independence resource. Solar energy has now been incorporated in modern architecture and urban planning. The assortment of solar devices included solar panels, solar heating and cooling devices, LED lights, solar light trailers, solar power generators, etc.

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Wind Energy is another source that is gaining widespread acceptance and significant investment. Pressure difference on the surface of earth produces wind. Huge turbines are installed mounted on a tall tower to take advantage of faster and smoother wind at higher heights. This wind causes the blades to spin causing magnets to rotate around coils of wire inside the generator which creates a current of electricity. The benefits are innumerable such that reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, cumulative conservation of water, lowering of natural gas prices, expansion of manufacturing, and generation of local revenues.

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Fusion or nuclear energy: Isotopes of hydrogen unite under conditions of extreme temperature and pressure to produce a neutron and a helium isotope. This in turn liberates huge quantities of energy. This form of energy has great scope to be used in future. The primary source of fuel for fusion is deuterium that can be easily extracted from water. As a matter of fact, deuterium-tritium fuel can produce 10 million times more energy than equivalent amount of fossil fuel. Fusion energy is capable of producing uninterrupted supply of energy as it is not dependent on weather conditions. Some prominent ongoing projects that forms suitable conditions for its use in future are joint research project The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, General Fusion project in Canada, The Alpha Energy in California, etc.

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Geothermal energy: The future of this form of energy is formidable. The geothermal energy plants capture rising steam or hot water and use it to power an electric generator. Geothermal electricity is currently produced in 24 countries. The heat beneath the earth surface is formed from natural radioactive materials, volcanic activity, and solar absorption. The industry growth rate of this form of energy is 30% per year. The United States has projected that geothermal energy will increase and cover 10% of the country’s electrical demands by the year 2050. It is harnessed through three types of commercial power plants namely, Flash Steam, Dry Steam, and Binary Power Plants. With widespread application, geothermal energy can be used in residential and industrial heating, balneology, agriculture, aquaculture, and industrial uses.

Humans need to end their fossil fuel addiction in order to avoid any catastrophic consequences of climate change. Not just mitigation but adoption of cleaner and renewable methods of energy can help sustain the ever-growing demands of development in concurrence with environmental protection and ecological stability.

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